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How to bypass Facebook Security check?

Do you feel problem for confirm your identity on Facebook? Do you want confirm your Facebook identity in hack method? Right place you are reached. In this article we discussing about How to bypass Facebook Security check. It is not a big thing to bypass phone verification. In a few simple steps, it can be done. There are two best ways for verifying your Facebook account.

How to bypass Facebook Security check

1. With the help of pre virtual mobile number

‘text now’;. Textnow is installed from the play store and you have to sign up with your email id. You will get one confirmation email with one link. Click on that link and your account will get confirmed and area code will be asked. You have to enter that. Then the further processing required for account verification is as follows:


  • Open a Facebook account in which you will ask for verifying using a mobile number. With the security checkpoint. In one tab open your text now account and keep virtual free number ready.
  • Mention the number and click on the button ‘ confirm the number by’ in which there will be the option of giving me a call, select it and click on next.
  • You will get a call on text now account. Answer the call and note down the code enter it on the Facebook screen and click on the confirm button. Don’t you think how easy it was to verify your account?

2. By using SMSPVA

A virtual number will help you for activating your account. SMSPVA is one of the online services that have the contact mobile number of different countries in which you can get text messages to send by your side. This means that this number can be used for account activation. Various websites are supported for the activation code by this app. Some of them are Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. You can find the list on the home page. A small amount is required to be paid. Such as 0.1$, 0.5$, 0.05$. it is dependent on the country and the website for which you are using the number.

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Now, these steps are required to be performed for bypassing Facebook security.


  1. Go to the and sign him there with an email id. You will get a confirmation email and confirm the account.
  2. You must have balance in the SmsPVA account and with that amount you can purchase the number.
  3. Now select the country from below and search Facebook. The number will be available in a particular format.
  4. Select Facebook and then click on ” number” and finally the number will be generated. Type or copy the number on Facebook and choose the county of which the number is. Click on continue.
  5. Now go to SMSPVA and go to the “FIND SMS” button and you will get the SMS by Facebook and the activation code will be displayed. Enter it on screen and click on CONFIRM.

Your Facebook security is bypassed. This is the two easiest ways of doing that.

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