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How to change twitch name color?

You will be knowing how much value your username color holds that appears during chat if you are a person chatting regularly on different live streams in twitch. Different colors identify everyone in the conversation to some degree. And you can change your username color very quickly in chats, It is an impressive feature. But how to change twitch name color? All steps are given below.

How to change twitch name color?

  • You must be in chat to do this. And you have to type /color < color name > in the message bar until you are at the message bar and then send. I will have to order /color Blue for example, if I want to change my username color to blue.
  • And if you are unsure about which color options are open, just offer the bot /color. You will now see all the colors from which you can pick. Unfortunately, the color is not black.
  • Also, you need a few seconds to make the adjustment, so don’t be upset if you can’t see your username changing color right away.

If you entered the Twitch group recently, you must have found that this platform has many features and options. Both these features are familiar to users who are here for quite a while. Most of them are a lot better.The color of their Twitch name is one such feature.

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Now, you definitely found people with various colorful names when you enter a stream on Twitch. Each of them has its own special colour. But you can’t figure out how to do it, and there might the problem lie. So how to change twitch name color? The answer is simple.

Changing twitch name color

This guide comes in. This is the guide. We will help you solve this question and teach you how to change the name’s colour. This takes only a few seconds. The good thing is that you can try two different ways. And the same results for both of them. without any further delay let us see how you can change your name color.. Here is what you have to do to change Twitch’s tone.

The two options available are as follows

  • You can change it through various ways You can change the color by typing in a chat. This is how it works.
  • You need to open twitch first.. After going there type “/color”
  • The text will pop up now. You will be able to see that. The colors that you will use to change your name colors will be automatically displayed by Twitch. As you can see, you can pick a number of colors among the color option.
  • After that Pick and type in the chat the color you like. We selected a green color for this particular example. You just have to type “/color green” to make your name green. In the conversation, enter the post.

How to change twitch name color

  • You need to wait a few seconds to change the filter. Type something in the chat to see how your name looks. Now, your green name can be seen.
  • There is another way of changing the color. It is much easier to do that. By typing, you can select any color you want. Everything works like this.
  • On the bottom left of the panel, select the cog symbol. This is the chat menu settings. Tap it. Press it.
  • At the top of the menu, the various color choices you may pick are displayed. You also can add more colors by expanding the menu if you do not like the pre-set colours. Select “more shades” to do so. When you finish choosing the colour, wait a few seconds before the final setup is done. The color change of the name will take a few seconds.
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The final words wrap up your answer.

That is it! To conclude now in Twitch, you are able to change the color of your name. You have got your answer of It’s a piece of cake, as you can see. Go on and seek for yourself, then. Now you know how to change twitch name color.

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