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How to change your Twitch Username

In these days of technology and innovation, we can see many data and credentials being leaked on the internet. So keeping the real name is also one of the risks on the internet as many hacking attacks are being performed every most in social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. So, we can also see many people making an account on different names however, it has both pros and cons as well. Coming straight to the point in this article we are going to learn how to change your Twitch Username.


Twitch is one of the popular Streaming platforms among gamers. So, you will mostly found gaming related content here many gamers stream the Game play of popular games like PUBG, Fortnite and Call of duty and so on. If you are Twitch users than you may notice that almost most of the users don’t mention their real name. Most of the users mention the gaming-related name here. So, if you are one of the players who want to change twitch Username than you are in right place in this article we are going to discuss how we can change the twitch username.

How to change Your Twitch username?

Twitch username

If you are one of the old twitch users than you have noticed that in early days Twitch doesn’t use to have features for changing the username. There are many Twitch Users who feel that they have outgrown the username that they choose when signed up. As time changes the choice of the gamers also changes too or they may be interested in a different direction for their user name to reflect. You can easily change the user name of twitch easily from both android and pc as well.

  • Step 1: First of all open the browser you have on your PC or desktop and then click on the search bar and type after that search this website on the search engine.
  • Step 2: Click on the first result displayed in the browser and then click on the login button and type your user name and password made during signing up.
  • Step 3: In the drop-down menu you can see their setting option. Click on it scroll down and click on the profile section.
  • Step 4: The profile section you will see a list of option like username display name and bio like option click on the pencil button appearing in the right side of username.
  • Step 5: Type your desired username and make sure that the username is unique among other users else you may face the issue because the username may be taken by another user.
  • Step 6: Confirm your username pressing update button and make sure that you can’t change the user name until it reaches 60 days from the day you have made a new Username.
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You can change your twitch username easily following the beyond steps all you need to have is PC or Smartphone and you can easily change the user name of the twitch account. Make sure to tell your new user name to friends and relatives else they might be confused about where you stream have gone.


Now you can easily change your Twitch username following the upper steps. You don’t have to worry about changing new username you can make any username that reflects your channel and the way you represent video stream to the fans. Make sure to follow the steps patiently don’t get hurried else you may end up without changing username. I hope that the article has helped you a lot with changing the Twitch username.

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