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How to connect to Wi-Fi without password?

To use a free Wi-Fi service you have to get the security password of the Wi-fi router. If you don’t have the security password then you’re unable to use the Wi-fi service. But, if I ask you that you can use Wi-Fi service without getting the password then what’s your reaction? Well, I can imagine that it will be a great and enjoyable moment for you. So, in this article, we’re going to discuss How to connect to Wi-Fi without a password? But first, let’s discuss how to connect to wifi without password?

Wi-Fi is becoming one of the most usable instruments of this time. The use of Wi-Fi allows you to use unlimited internet. This is also a service that can promote your business. Many business owners also provide free Wi-Fi service to increase their ratings in the market. They set a password that protects their Wi-Fi from unwanted users. You can easily experience the service of Wi-Fi in places like Restaurants, Malls, Offices, Cafes.

If you’re visiting some places where you can experience the service of Wi-Fi them You may ask a question to the owner like “What is your Wi-Fi password?”. They give you their Wi-Fi password and after entering the password into your Wi-Fi portal you become able to use the free Wi-fi service as much as you can.

Wi-Fi was firstly introduced in 1997 and since 1997 it plays an important role to develop the modern industries in the whole world. These days most people are using gadgets and internet connection is the essence of the gadgets. So, Wi-Fi is the most important instrument for providing unlimited high-speed internet to its legal customers.

How to connect to WiFi with a password?

WiFi with a password

Well, it’s a simple process and everyone can do this process easily. You just have to open the Wi-Fi of your phone from your phone setting. Once the Wi-Fi opens your next step is to find the name of the Wi-fi which you want to connect. Click on the name of that Wi-Fi connection. Enter the password of the hotspot and enjoy high-speed unlimited internet on your mobile.

How to connect to WiFi without password?

If you don’t have the password of a Wi-Fi connection but you want to connect your phone to the Wi-Fi routers then you can do this work in 3 ways.

  1. Router guest mode
  2. WPS
  3. QR code

So, let’s discuss all the 3 ways by which you can connect Wi-Fi without a password.

Router Guest Mode

This is one of the best ways of sharing the connectivity of Wi-Fi to the guests without a password. Keep in mind that to connect the Wi-Fi through the guest network, your router must be a modern router that supports the feature of guest network connectivity. If the router supports this feature then you can continue with this process.

So, let’s discuss the steps to find the answer to How to connect to WiFi without password? From Router Guest Mode.

  • Open your computer and go to its browser. Type the IP address of your router. Don’t worry about the IP address because it is stamped somewhere on your router.
  • Now, use your credentials administrator which helps you to log-in to the router.
  • After completing the log-in process you have to find the option of “Guest Network”. Which is available somewhere on your screen. If you’re not able to find the option then click on the “Wireless setting” option.
  • Once you find the option of “Guest Network”, click on the Enable option.
  • After enabling the option mentioned in the above step, give a name to your guest network. You can make it easy and simple like ” Guest” or you can select your own name. Set an easy and short password of your guest network like “password” or can
    select any password according to your taste. If you’re unable to decide or don’t want a password then you can leave it blank.
  • Click “Save” for the final confirmation of your setting.
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After completing the process you can use the Wi-Fi router without any password.


wps wifi

WPS is another way to use any Wi-Fi without knowing the password. WPS stands for the set up of Wi-Fi protection. Well, WPS means that the availability of the router which is accessible by the guest so, that guests can connect with the router by just tapping a button. It is a commonly used way to connect the guests with the router without any difficulty. It is a modern way to connect so, that you don’t have to type the 16 digit password to avail the wi-fi service on your device. The only thing which you want is permission to connect your device through the router.

After getting permission you can use unlimited Wi-fi when you enter the Wi-fi zone. Any other person who is standing outside the room or building can’t able to access the Wi-Fi.

To know how to connect to Wi-Fi without a password? With the help of WPS read the following steps mentioned below.

  • Open your phone Setting from your home screen to continue the process.
  • Find the option of an internet setting section on your phone’s setting.
  • Once you find the option, A new option of Wi-Fi appears on your phones. Click on the option of Wi-Fi and wait for a response.
  • Now, click on the “Wi-Fi setting” option or “Wi-Fi menu” option which appears on your screen.
  • After completing these steps, A new option “Advanced” will appear on your screen. Click on the option and wait for opening a new page.
  • Now, tap to the option of ” Connect to WPS”. This option helps you to connect your device to your WPS network.
  • A new page is open on your screen which shows certain options to select. You have to find an option named “WPS”. After finding the option immediately click on the option because you have only 30 seconds to do this work. If you missed doing this process in 30 seconds then you have to repeat the steps once again. Don’t be in a hurry because the option of WPS appears on your screen. So, click to WPS and wait for a response.
  • Your device is connected to the Wi-Fi router and you don’t have to complete all the steps to reconnect your device to the Wi-Fi router.
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Note:- Some of the WPS contains buttons or some contain 4 digit pin to connect. In this case, you have to fill the 4 digit PIN which is placed on the router.

In this way, you can connect to Wi-Fi without any password. You can easily do this process for Android devices and Windows. Apple refuses to grant permission to WPS so is you’re an Apple iOS user then this method is not for you.

QR code

QR code wifi

The use of QR code to connect your device to Wi-Fi is one of the easiest ways to do it. You can use QR code to access the Wi-Fi services without filling any password. Now, let’s discuss the steps about How to connect to Wi-Fi without a password? With the help of QR.

  • Start your friend’s computer and open the browser option on it. Once the browser of the computer opens, find the option of QR on the screen.
  • On the left side of your screen, a data type menu will open. Find the option of the radio button to log in to your account.
  • Once the new page opens on your screen then fill the network name to it.
  • The computer automatically generates a QR code. You have to copy this code on a sheet.
  • In this step, you have to use a third-party application to scan the code. If you don’t have any third-party code scanning app then download this app from Google play store (For Android user). If you’re using an iPhone then you can download the app from the Apple store.
  • Now, scan the code with the help of a Third-party app. This will connect you to the Wi-Fi without filling any password.

You can easily connect your Android or iOS device to the Wi-Fi router without any password. There is one more way by which you can connect to a Wi-Fi router without a password. So, let’s discuss the way by which you can connect to the Wi-Fi without any password.

To connect with a Wi-Fi without a password you can create your QR code into an NFC tag with the help of a third-party application. I suggest you to use the Wi-FiKeyShare app to do this work.

  • Download the app from the Google play store.
  • After downloading the app, open it, and wait for the response.
  • Ask your friend to generate the QR code with the help of the steps discussed above.
  • Once the QR code generated, open the app and scan the QR code from the third-party app.
  • Now, change your QR code into NFC tags and sent them to your phone.
  • Open the NFC tags and you’re able to use the Wi-Fi without any password.
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