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How to Create a Facebook Fake Account?

Do you want to create a fake Facebook account? If yes, then you need to read the whole article very carefully.

It is very easy to make a Facebook fake account. Basically, a fake account is an account on Facebook which don’t use your real identity. You can do two things to create a Facebook fake account. The first one is, make a fake Gmail account and fill it when you are making an account on Facebook. Always fill a fake name or fake information about yourself. But in case you don’t know how to create a fake Gmail account then don’t worry. I will show you some steps from which you can create a Facebook fake account without having any fake email or mobile number.

How to create a Facebook Fake Account?

  • Open the 10minput email website. It is a website that provides you fake mail ids. And you can use these mail ids in making any fake account.
  • Now it will provide you a fake mail id. You need to copy that mail id.
  • Go to the Facebook page and create an account there. Fill all the fake information about yourself like your name, age, birthday, hobbies, etc. Paste the fake email id in its column. And the press creates an account.
  • Now go to the 10minutemail website again. You will see a mail there that asks you to confirm the Facebook account. Confirm it and your fake account is ready to use.

Kindly note that this method is only for those people who want it for good reasons. Do not use the fake id for any illegal work. You may have to face consequences if you do so.

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