How to delete folders in Gmail?

Gmail is one of the most effective and popular email providers with other competitive companies as it allows you with many features and tools. Let’s talk about its one of the best tools to organize and store files and emails which make it an easily usable interface.

Instead of being limited to present and only a few folders, this feature allows you to create and arrange your files into different find-able folders and sub-folders.

Gmail is sometimes really hectic and difficult to manage when files and emails exceed. Although Gmail allows you to manage emails in folders or in different labels. But what if you no longer want any folder or you created any folder accidentally. How to delete folders in Gmail?

Deleting folders in Gmail is easy and helps a lot in cleaning and managing the mails of no use. It will help to free up space and help to sort the other mails and make Gmail look neater. If you lack space or your inbox is full of mails. This you can delete all the emails together in the folder and save your time for dealing with single mail.

Although there are two Gmail versions you might have old one or the new one and both have a slight difference for deleting the messages. Follow the steps according to your Gmail version.

How to delete folders in Gmail?

Deleting folders for the new version of Gmail

How to delete folders in Gmail
Open Gmail and sign in with your Gmail account.

  • Step 2: Open the settings from  your top-right corner.

Click on the settings

  • Step 3: Hit the label key and access the label section from the settings and scroll down on the label page.

Go to ‘labels’ tab

  • Step 4: In this section, you will be able to see your folder with the label name you saved.

Go to your label

  • Step 5: For deleting the folders choose the folder you want to delete, hit the remove button to apply the deleting action. Gmail will ask you to delete for conformation you just need to press the delete button.

Click ‘remove’ option

Now your Created folder has been deleted from the list. You can remove any of the folders by following the above-given steps.

Deleting folders for older-version of Gmail

  • Step 1: For the older version you need to click on the folder option button from the selected folder you want to delete, then select the more option or the there dots.
  • Step 2: scroll down on the more option and you will see the delete option.
  • Step 3: You can then delete the folder by just tapping on the delete button.

Final words

Gmail is a highly used and very beneficial email program for personal and business use also. Knowing all its features is important to organize data, emails, and other folders better. This feature will help you in deleting all the extra folders having extra mails or data or labels in one go. Making it very helpful and giving you an easy, enjoyable experience of your Gmail account if you are searching about how to delete folders in Gmail.

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