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How to do discord text formatting?

Discord is one of the greatest VOIP apps to grace our PCs and channels over discord. VOIP platform also allows you to use Markdown to edit the text. It is one of the best places wherein you can interact with the gamers community. This server is mainly used by gamers to interact with their squad and similar people like them. Who has a lot of interest in gaming. Discord in spite of allowing people to interact it also allows you to edit the text to make the chatting more interesting.

You can chat over your favorite community and used formatted text like bold, italics, and many more. Although discord uses Markdown as a simple plain text as a formatting tool. It allows you to edit your text by just adding a few characters before and after the text that needs to be formatted. You can edit in the desired way you want. Let’s know, How you can do discord text formatting?

In this article, you will see how Discord text formatting works and bring some interest in chatting. It allows you to enjoy conversation over Discord servers with bold, italic, strikethrough, underlined, and much another text formatting.

Discord text formatting

Most of the users over discord don’t even know that you can edit your text and make it look better. This is a good way to highlight something important into groups and make the pinned text look more good. You can use discord text formatting in the discord chat. It allows you to change the text into bold, italics, underlined, blank, and many more using relevant commands. It makes the text fancy using Discord Markdown Language. Let’s look deeper what are the commands of various text formatting and how it looks.

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1. Strikethrough Text On Discord

Strikethrough Text On Discord

This type of text formatting is used to strike a line over a text just like “strikethrough over discord”. You can also do Strikethrough in your Discord app by using the command. This type of text formatting is used to cut off a point or a mistake. To use this formatting you have to enter two tildes “~” in front and back of the text.

2. Bold Text on Discord Chat

Bold Text on Discord Chat

It is one of the best ways to highlight a particular text in a message. Making the Discord fonts bold is one of the best ways to make a certain part of your message stand bold in the other message. To use this bold text, you will have to enter the asterisk(*) symbol in the Discord text between, and after the particular text you want to make bold. Where it is a single word or a complete sentence.

3. Italics Text On Discord

Italics Text On Discord

Discord italics text is just the same as Bold text formatting. You can use both alternatively to highlight the particular text. To use this Italics text formatting on Discord, you have to enter one asterisk(*) symbol in front and back of the particular text you want in italics.

4. Underlined Text

Underline Text discord

Underlining certain parts of the text makes the text highlighted. This the best way to distinguish the text from the other content. Decors allow you to highlight any part of your text by underlining using simple syntax before and after the text. To underline the text on Discord, enter two underscores(_) before and after that particular text.

5. Spoiler Tag

Sometimes you want to differentiate between a text. Like you have two different paragraphs but you want to differentiate between them you can use this spoiler tag. That leaves a blank space to differentiate between two content. In Discord Text formatting, the actual spoiler in the message is that it stays hidden unless the person clicks on it intentionally. To apply this you have to enter two vertical bars (|) in front and back of the message you want spoiler tag on.

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6. Empty Lines

To make it easy and smooth reading you just have to press shift + enter key combination as many times you want space. This will leave the lines you commanded in the texted paragraph.

7. Discord Code Blocks

Discord Code Blocks allows you to part of your text inside a block. Discord code blocks can be used for single as well as multiple lines of a paragraph. Discord supports code blocks by entering the backtick key ( ` ). Before and after the single line or the multiple lines. You can do it for as many lines as you want. But just remember to enter before and after the paragraph.

8. Discord Quote Text

Discord Markdown language allows you to quote any text using Block Quotes. To use this Block Quotes, enter > or >>> at the beginning of the text followed by a Space and then entering the particular text that needs to be quoted. Use a single (>) symbol if you want to quote a single line and three ( > )if you want to use Block Quotes for multiple lines.


So here is the guide to make your text looks good using syntax language. Players can use these main formatting commands to make their message highlighted and look cooler.

Various commands used for text formatting in Discord

  1. Command for Strikethrough : ~~Your Text~~
  2. Command for Bold Text : **Your Text**
  3. Command for Italics Text : *Your Text*
  4. Command for Underlined Text : __Your Text__
  5. Command for Spoiler Tag : ||Your Text||
  6. Command for Single Line Code Block : `Your Text`
  7. Command for Multiple Line Code Block : “`Your Text“`
  8. Command for Single Line Quote : > Your Text
  9. Command for Multiple Lines Quote : >>> Your Text
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