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How to find a Lost Android Phone?

If you lost your android phone and worrying about how to find it then, don’t worry you can easily find it. You can locate your device easily if you have signed in to your Google account. Your device has an option as Find My Account. But there are some little and important things which are a must to locate the device.

  • Things to take care off

Make sure your android phone is turned on.

You must have a Google account signed in your device and the device must be connected to the mobile data.

The location and option of Find My Device must be turned on.

These are very important things. If your lost mobile has not any of them then you may not be able to find your device. And if all these things are turned on in your device then follow the given steps:

  • Follow these steps

Before proceeding to any procedure take a backup phone. It is very important to have a backup phone or backup code. You can also take the phone of any friend or family member.

Google the option and now sign in there with the same google account you have added to the lost phone.

If the lost phone has more than one account than always sign in with that account which is set as the main account.

Now doing this a notification will be sent to the lost phone.

Now a map will appear on the screen and you will get the information about the location of the lost phone. The location may not be that accurate but it shows the most approximate location. In case if your phone is switched off then the goggle will show the last location of the phone before switching off.

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Once you find the location now you can choose three different options. These options are given below:

1. Phone ring

Press this option if you have misplaced your phone or you are at the same location where the lost phone is present. Clicking this option will ring your phone for 5 minutes on full volume. The phone will also ring if you have placed your phone in vibrate mode or silent mode.

2. Secure device

By clicking this option you can add lock and set a password to your device. You can also change the current password. The best thing about this option is that you can leave any message on the lock screen of your lost phone. You can also write your address. The person who has your phone can easily locate you and return your phone.

3. Erase all the data

From this option, you can permanently delete all the data of your phone. This might not work for the SD card but surely work for phone memory. After deleting no one can misuse your data. But once you deleted everything finds my device is not going to work then. Because deleting everything will also delete your google account. In case if you find your device after deleting everything then you need to set the goggle account again in your device.

This is the simplest way to find the lost android device. Make sure you have turned on the find my device along with the mobile data. If you still don’t find your lost android device then you may report a complaint to the nearest police station.

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