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How to find my IMEI number without phone?

You may need the IMEI number to file a police report or to prove that the cell is really yours . So, you must be wondering how to find imei number without phone. This number can be found in many ways starting from the cellular service provider to its packaging. The IMEI is simply the serial number of the phone and cannot be changed, even though someone changes the SIM card. The IMEI number can be attached to your international blacklist by your cellular provider, which can be used to discourage someone else from turning on the handset.

How to find IMEI number without phone

One may panic when he or she losses his or her phone. In order to settle the things imei number is needed. But if you have the question how to find imei number without phone then is a matter of concerm. IMEI represents the universal heritage of mobile apps. This is a 15-digit number that is the exclusive identification code of your handset. You can’t adjust IMEI numbers as part of your phone’s hardware. There are many ways to find imei number.

Receipts and packaging are the places to look for imei number.

Locate the original phone box or package and check for an IMEI number on an external sticker. The IMEI is a 15-digit number and cannot be branded. It is usually situated close to a bar code and is normally shown beside it. When you cannot locate the box, consider the initial contract or the receipt for the device. The contract, bill or receipt should have the mentioned IMEI number.

The IMEI number is written on the label of the box when you buy the new cellular phone. The number also appears on the sales letter or other receipts. The arrangements you have signed with your carrier may also be checked. The IMEI number must be included in every official document that refers to your phone. If you have any monthly bills of data available, you can search there as well.

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You can contact your mobile supplier

Check your monthly bill or account statement posted online. The IMEI numbers for the respective phones are mentioned there as well and provided by several service providers. If you do not find it online, please contact your cellular service provider’s customer support . For most cases, the IMEI number is already in the database and if it is lost or stolen, the company will terminate the telephone service.

In the past, Android users could find their Google Dashboard IMEI numbers. The Dashboard does not display your IMEI anymore. However,a list of all the apps is still available, but the IMEI is still not accessible. Fortunately, an alternate approach is available. You can use Find My Phone, a part of security services provided by Google. This is another answer to the question how to find imei number without phone. Your carrier is liable to provide details on your account, even though you did not retain the contracts. And they will find the number for you when you contact them.

Calling help for customer service is a smart idea as soon as the phone goes down or missing. Based on your personal details, they can say your IMEI. The company can even cancel the service, which is vital because it prevents the cell phone robber from inflating your bills. The website of the carrier can also be helpful. You will also consider the IMEI if you have a way to search your account statement online as already mentioned.

If the android phone is linked then Google can help.

You can find an IMEI on your Google Dashboard website when you have an Android phone that you have synchronized with Google. Log on to your sync phone account and press “Phone” to view a list of all registered devices. Sign up with the same password. Googles displays each device’s IMEI number.

In case of linked iPhones from Apple itunes is helpful.

Apple itunes

You can find the IMEI number on your device if you have an iPhone that you have synchronized with iTunes. Open iTunes and pick the Edit iTunes menu for “Preferences.” Choose the “Geräte” tab and swing the mouse over your iPhone page. In the pop-up box the IMEI number will flash. Hence you will get the imei number.

Users of iOS can use the Apple ID for their iPhone to detect the IMEI number. A step-by – step guide is here:

  • Open on your machine
  • Sign up on your computer with the Apple ID that you use
  • Devices” is the place where you will have to reach after scrolling down
  • To view IMEI, click the button and you will be able to see it.
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In other words, when your iPhone has ever been updated to iTunes, device data like IMEI in the iTunes settings will be available. Whether you are using a Mac or the Edit > Preferences tab on the iTunes PC edition, go to the iTunes preferences page. Tap on the button of the phone now. Switch to the Tabs the Nex tClick twice the number of your account. By the second time, your IMEI will be available.

Microsoft also retains imei number.

In fact, Microsoft stores information on registered Windows Phone devices and you can access the information by logging into your Microsoft account. Follow the following steps to see the IMEI number of your Windows Phone registered on computer in case of malfunction or if the phone gets lost.

microsoft account

  • Login to ‘‘ and connect to your missing Windows Phone system using Microsoft account.
  • Select the computer and go to the Phones page. Click on the connection next to the computer, ‘Find it, get assistance, and more.’
  • To the Aid line, scroll down. The latest OS version and the IMEI number of the system is listed here under “Hardware / System Info.”

Thus we can conclude that when the smart phone accounts does not work the options get limited. If you lose or your phone gets stolen by someone, you have fairly limited options for finding IMEI number. Unless the device’s box is still kept, the IMEI number must be written in barcode and text type on the side of the box. The IMEI number can also be found on the seller’s bill when purchasing the unit.

Once you have identified the IMEI number, call your network provider and ask him to block the stolen phone. If the device is identified, calls to any cellular network can not be made using the device and it will become useless. So these are the ways how to find imei number without phone.

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