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How to go back in time on Google earth maps?

Time trips have always been a hot topic of conversation and Hollywood has taken advantage of this by making a variety of blockbuster movies. But it’s only possible to go back in time and fix things in the past in movies, not in real life. Yet you can actually go back in time with Google Earth and Google Maps. And know how a specific place has changed over the years. Yes now you must wonder how to go back in time on google earth maps. It is easy and simple. You need to download Google Earth Pro for computer to get back in time.

The procedure of how to go back in time on google earth maps

On Google Earth you can go Back in Time. The question is how to go back in time on google earth maps. The entire process is described below.

  • Start your device with Google Earth Pro.

How to go back in time on Google earth 2

  • Now look for the town or place in the time lapse.
  • Zoom to the screen with the mouse wheel on the right side of the panel to improve view experience.
  • Now click on the History Images to view historic satellite images from the toolbar at the top.

How to go back in time on Google earth

  • When you do so, the top left corner of the screen includes a slider. The slider can now be pushed backwards and back in time. Once you push the slider, the map loads and shows you the satellite image of that particular period of time.
  • You can click on the device icon on the slider to go to any date and time in the past.
  • A new window will open, there the date and time can be updated and then you can tap OK.
  • You may also adjust the time from the same window.
  • Only click on the X button on the slider when you are done and want to get out of historical imaging.
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Note: On Google Earth, the time shown on the slider is not much higher in time than in 1945. It is not the same time for every location because the historical satellite pictures of that specific place depends on their availability.

Google Maps allow Time travel

There is no historical imagery option on Google Maps that shows pictures taken from the satellite over time. Instead, due to its street view feature timelapse is available on Google Maps.

How to go back in time on Google earth 4

  1. Open your web browser with Google Maps. Scan now and click on a spot in the top-left corner of the search bar.
  2. Then drag and drop the street view guy to a different point on the map from the bottom right corner of the screen. Most likely, if you do not visit any forgotten corners of the globe, the road view is allowed and you will be able to access it.
  3. You can see an address tab in the top left corner on the street view panel. You can click on the down arrow to return to the time from here.
  4. Now, push the lever, pause it for a certain time, to see how the street looked. To view the street in full-screen mode, click on a lupa button.
  5. Tap on the X icon on the top right of the screen to disable the Street View mode.

How to go back in time on Google earth

Note: In most parts of the world this role is not yet available. Yet wherever it is available it works well.

How to get back in time on google earth map in case of smart phones

Again, What if you have an Android smart phone or other handheld apps like Android tablets etc that are used by billions of people today all over the world?

Know the steps on how to get back in time on google earth map in case of smart phones

  • In the window, click on ‘Android.’
  • The ‘street view‘ icon is the “circular or oval arrow,” while you can simply drop a pin by clicking on the map and holding it.
  • You can also scroll down, to click the ‘street view’ picture apart from the image, with the ‘Street view‘ button.
  • You can also press ‘street views‘ on a rotary map and then right ‘click’
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iPhone users can operate Google Maps

However, if you’re on iOS devices, the procedure is the same too. Here you will find the iOS update for, while you can access this link on your browser (https:/

The interface is identical, so the steps in ‘Step 2’ have to be followed. Then go and drop a pin and transform to ‘Street View’ by clicking on the ‘Oval Round Arrow’ button.

A quick overview

We should be glad that Google has created these amazing instruments that can improve the time travel experience. We hope that Google will continue to incorporate these resources into our past and our history in future. Google Maps is the most popular and exact app on the market among many other mapping applications. This is commonly used for both iOS and Android.

We cannot go back in time but thanks to Google Maps that we are able to see how the world appeared in history. Google has helped people to turn the clock back to street scenes back in time.

This is very easy when you use a Google Maps app on your PC or laptop using the web browser. Go to ‘‘ on the upper left-hand end of the corner page. Then go to the destination that you would like to search for and click on “Enter” on the keyboard. There is an official icon that indicates that the ‘Clock’ or ‘Time’ icon has been written back in time and is at the bottom of the icon; you may use the slider to go further in time. Google earth maps is one of the best inventions on Google and it is important to understand how to go back in time on Google earth maps

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