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How to Increase Facebook Page Likes?

Facebook is a great social media platform. It is one of the most used apps in the world. But now Facebook is not only limited to sharing photos, videos, chatting, and stuff but it is used as a platform to advertise a business. One can advertise the business by using the Facebook page. If you create a Facebook page it is very important to get more and more likes in it. It is the only way which can promote your business. Now the thing is you can get likes if your page reaches to many people and they like the content of your page. You are going to find out the ways below which can increase the likes on your Facebook page.

1. Post attractive images

Images always play an important rule if they are used in proper ways. Post high-quality images with a little professional touch. If you are owning a shoe business, then post the images of the products you are going to sell. You can also use a model to wear your footwear and then pose for you. This is the best method to make the images attractive.

If you cannot hire any model then try to click aesthetic pics of the products. Whenever people open that image finds so attractive, they are going to buy something from you as well as your page.

2. Comment on other pages

It is one of the most used ways to increase the likes of your page. All you have to do is, first find a page with a similar niche to yours. Make sure you find a page with a huge number of likes. Now start liking all the posts of that page and don’t forget to comment on each post. You can comment like ” follow my page for interesting deals”. Whenever any viewer opens that post, he/she will visit your page.

If they like your content, they will definitely like your page. Make sure you don’t comment on irrelevant things on other’s pages. It may ban your page permanently. If used properly, this strategy can help you a lot.

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3. Join groups on Facebook

There are uncountable groups are made on Facebook. These groups are of various niches like writing, clothing, advertising, business, etc. Choose groups related to your niche and request to join the group. Admin will approve your request.

Once your request is approved by the admin, start posting about your page in the group. Post about the benefits and content of your page. This will increase traffic on your page. And people will like your page if they find it interesting. Don’t post irrelevant and trash posts in the group. Admin may throw you out of the group if you do so.

4. Add a like button to your blog and website

If you have any website or blog related to your page. Connect it to your Facebook page first. Try to set a like button in your website or blog, so that if any viewer reaches out your website and find it helpful or interesting, then he/she may hit that like button. Try to set everything in a way that when anyone hits the like button on the website, it counts as alike on your Facebook page.

If you have enough knowledge of technology then you can do it on your own. But if you don’t know anything about it then, consult an expert in it or take help from any cyber cafe.

5. Fill all the information and add an amazing profile and cover photo

Fill all the required information on your page so that whenever any viewer visits your page he/she may know everything about your page. Try to post personal things. Of course, no one likes to mix their personal like with professional life. But trust me people usually find it more interesting. You can post about the owner behind the professional page or say something about your family etc.

Also, cover photo and profile photo leaves a good impact on the viewers. Make sure you choose the best cover and profile photo related to your page. Don’t copy-paste from any other page, try to make your unique photos.

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6. Promote your page

There are different ways to promote your Facebook page. You can your friends and family members to put the story of your Facebook age. Share your Facebook page on all other social media apps of yours. By doing this your page can be seen by many people and chances of getting more likes to increase.

You can also use the feature provided by Facebook. Facebook will charge you some amount of money and it will promote your pages or in short Facebook will reach out your age to as many as people possible. The charges are very low, anyone can afford it. You must try out this feature so that many people can like your page.

7. Post regular content

You must post informative things on your page regularly. Try to post it every single day. Keep your page engage so that people can get more and more information from your page. Do not post boring and useless things. Try to post things with some meaning and some information.

These are the top 7 best methods and strategies to increase the likes on your Facebook page. If you read carefully then you must have noticed that at the end all the ways come to the quality of your content. Everything depends on the quality of the content of your page. No method, not even money can help you out until and unless you post useful, attractive, and informative content. No one likes to read out boring topics. Therefore, keep on posting amazing kinds of stuff to your page and you will get plenty of likes. Of course, it is going to take some time or maybe a year. But if you follow all the rules mentioned above, you will surely succeed.

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