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How to increase followers on Instagram?

Everyone has a desire for a huge number of followers on their Instagram. Some people use the shortcut method for this. The shortcut method means, there are so many apps available in the market that increase can Instagram followers. But this is a fake method and give you fake followers. These followers will just remain in your list as a number. They don’t like, comment, and share your pictures because they are fake. In this article, we are going to tell you some genuine methods or ways about how to increase followers on Instagram. Have patience and read the article carefully.

How to increase followers on Instagram?

1. Look after your bio and username

instagram username

Name and bio is the first thing to take care off. Your name must be very special and easy. Do not go for messy, big names and names containing lots of underscores. Because people find it difficult to search your name if you have a big messy username. Therefore, always keep the name of your Instagram profile simple and cute. It will attract lots of followers.

The second point is bio. Make sure you use a straight forward bio instead of telling stories. Your bio must be attractive and informative at the same time. If you are running any business or you have a website or professional page, then you can also mention it in your bio. It will leave a great impact on the viewers.

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2. Keep your account public and post regular content

post regular content instagram

If you are posting regular content on your account then, of course, you have to keep your account public. Otherwise, no one will ever let to know that you are posting amazing content. Therefore, keep your account public and whenever you feel like you have gained many followers then keep your account private again. But in starting it’s better to keep the account public.

And also let me clear you one thing regular content is the key of the followers. Why does anyone want to follow you? The answer is very simple someone will follow you only if you post regular content or you are very famous. And your content must be interesting and unique otherwise, no one wants to read boring content. If you are running a beauty account then post about skincare, give reviews about products. Post informative content in case of a business account.

3. Ask your friends or any famous account to promote your page

This is the best method of gaining followers. Ask you, friends, to promote your account in their story. When their followers visit your account and find interesting things, they will definitely follow you back. In this way, you can reach a lot of people.

There is one more option. You can find many memes page or any famous page which can promote your account, but you have to pay them in return. So if you feel like you can spend a little   amount of money on it, then definitely go for it. Choose an account that has huge and huge followers. So that you can reach tons of people.

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4. Tag your location

tag location on instagram

Always tag a location where the photo got clicked. The location has also a specific role in increasing followers. Let me give you an example :

Suppose you click a photo in Delhi and mentioned the location. Now all the people around the mentioned location will get your photo in their feedback. Whenever they scroll their feed, they will meet your account and if they find it interesting, you may get many followers. Therefore, next time you upload a pic, don’t forget to mention your location.

5. Best ideas for content of your account

If you have already decided what type of content you are going to upload in your account, then go for it. And if you don’t decide yet then I am going to tell you the best ideas. So the first is post about beauty and skincare products and give reviews on them. Today’s youth is mad behind these things. So if you post about these things you can get tons of followers. But always give honest reviews.

You can become a food blogger and post about food. People love to view this kind of content. Go for travel content. Everyone wants to know about the best places to visit. Post about fashion and clothes. Make informative content, so that you can get many followers.

These are the best ideas and the best ways to get Instagram followers. If you want to have real followers then definitely follow these ways. And if you want to use the shortcut method then go for apps available in the market. But you will get only fake followers from them. Have patience, good things always take time to happen.

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