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How to Lock WhatsApp without any App?

Everyone today is so concerned about protecting their privacy. Tough WhatsApp being one of the best messaging apps in the world and almost all of the population today uses WhatsApp as their basic necessary app. Although WhatsApp has encrypted conversation, WhatsApp somewhat lacks in the protection of the conversation.

Watsapp has currently updated its privacy feature and added with the fingerprint lock for android users and Touch ID/Face ID for iPhone users. Usually, people use android inbuilt app lock or some third party app for securing their WhatsApp.

Nowadays, the phone is used by each other and there is so much increased threat of stealing mobile phone so it has made people thing and concern to protect and lock the private data. Most of the phones have an inbuilt phone lock to provide safety to all the apps you install. It asks you to give permission to lock the apps you install with the PIN, pattern, or passcode that you have decided.

Although last year WhatsApp stated that they are developing inbuilt WhatsApp lock with password or PIN till then they suggest you use the fingerprint lock or a third party app. Tough they are regularly trying to improve their security features for its users.

The solution to lock WhatsApp with Password without having other apps than WhatsApp.

Yes, you can lock your WhatsApp in android and iPhone both have different ways but it can be done without having the involvement of any third-party app such as app lock or any other locks available on play store and apple store. So WhatsApp has developed recently its inbuilt locks to protect its user’s privacy and concern for their information.

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How to Lock WhatsApp without any App

WhatsApp Fingerprint lock feature for Android users

WhatsApp has now added fingerprint safety features as authentication for its android users. This feature allows you to instantly lock your WhatsApp if you are not using and then open with only the finger that is used to unlock the app. But the major drawback which WhatsApp is lacking to develop in this feature is that calls can be attended without opening the lock.

How to Lock activate this fingerprint lock feature in your WhatsApp

• Step 1: Open your WhatsApp app from your android phone.
• Step 2: Click on the three dots or the menu tab at the top right corner of your WhatsApp.
• Step 3: Click on the settings in the menu tab follow up with – accounts – privacy
• Step 4: In the privacy, tab go down and in the center, there will be fingerprint lock tab tap on that and follow up with the instruction that will ask you to unlock your fingerprint sensor and ask you to tap on the sensor to create the unlocking fingerprint, then it will ask you to confirm the fingerprint.
• Step 5: Once you are done it will ask you for after how much time you want your android to automatically lock your WhatsApp when you are not using it. It will give you three options, automatically, after 1 min or after 30 min you just have to tap on any of the one options and it will also ask if you want to enable content notification on your home screen when some messages you.
• Step 6: After completing this your fingerprint lock is done. Now you can open your WhatsApp with the finger you used it while confirming.

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WhatsApp Face ID/Touch ID feature for iPhone users

WhatsApp has added a Touch ID/Face ID security feature to its messaging platform to make it more secure and private. This feature however for now is only available for iOS users. Android users will have to wait for this feature to reach on their platform but it will definitely be coming with the best updates. It has been updated last year only for iOS users also.

Although this feature doesn’t allow you to hide any chat just to secure the app from opening by any stranger. Now stranger won’t be able to open your chats. Working on this feature totally depends on your setting panel. Also, there are many things in which WhatsApp is lacking like you can see a message or attend call without unlocking in the notification panel. So it the major drawback.

How to activate the WhatsApp Face ID/Touch ID feature in your iPhone:

  • Step1: Open your normal WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Go to Settings from the top right corner menu buttons.
  • Step 3: Tap on Account-Privacy-Security.
  • Step 4: Choose the screen lock you want to opt from touch ID or face ID or even you can opt for biometric authentication.
  • Step 5: Once done your WhatsApp will be locked and now it can only be unlocked with the touch of face you used.
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