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How to log out of League of legends?

If you’re new summoner or the constant part in League of Legends. Although League of Legends (LOL) is known for its amazing features if you are new it might be troublesome for you for any reason. One of the reasons would be logging out of League of Legends. Luckily, if you are returning to the game after a break and are closely aware of the client design then for you it might be simple. But as per the study, many players have returned to the game and found new a bit confusing. If you are the one getting confused, no need to get panic. Here’s is the way.

You can log out of the LOL website and the game as well by following these simple easy steps.

How to log out of League of legends?

The simple way to logout is to find the X button on the upper right side corner. Logging out of the game and signing out of the website have both different ways so let’s look at them differently. Also, there are many alternative ways to get out of the League of Legends.

How to logout of League of Legends game?

Follow these below mentioned two steps to log out of League of Legends (LOL) game client

  • From whichever window you are on the LOL game client. Find the X (cross icon) on your window it might be on the top right corner.
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League of legend

  • After tapping on the X button, you will get a confirmation pop-up box with two options Exit and Sign Out. If you want to logout the game but not the account and shut the LOL then tap Exit or if you want to move out of your account also then tap sign out.

log out of League of legends

How to logout of League of Legends website?

To logout of the League of Legends website follow the following steps;

  1. Click on your avatar or name that appears at the top-right corner on your website.
  2. After selecting the drop-down menu will appear. Select “Logout” from the drop-down menu.
  3. You’ll get logged out of your LOL account and will be redirected to the homepage of the League of Legends account section.
  4. After that, your window will see the sign-in option from your Riot Games launcher. From there you will be required to sign-in with credentials all over again.

Alternative Methods To Log Out Of LoL

You can also try these shortcuts methods to come out of the LOL account.

How to log out of LOL

  1. Entering the combination of Alt + F4 keys to directly get out of the League of Legends. You can use this key if you are unable to find the X button.
  2. You can also remove from Task Manager by using the key combination of (Ctrl + Alt + Del). you can simply right click on league of legends and then choose to End task. After opening the task manager You can directly remove it from your task list.

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