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How to make single name on Facebook ?

Are you also regretting choosing a big name on Facebook? You don’t have to regret this thing because you can change your Facebook name to a single name at any time. For this, you need to go to the Facebook website. Not the Facebook app but the Facebook website in any browser. Follow the given instruction about how to make single name on Facebook:

How to make single name on Facebook

1. Open the Facebook website

facebook login

Open any web browser. You can use any browser like Firefox, safari, and chrome. You can also use a computer for this purpose. Now sign in to your account. Make sure you sign in with the same account.

2. Click the down arrow

once you have signed in, click on the down arrow. You will find this arrow on the top left corner of the screen. It is made next to the question mark sign.

3. Press setting

facebook setting

Now scroll down and press the setting option.

4. Click language

On the lest column toward the center, you will see a language option. Click on it and choose the desired language. Choose the Indonesia language. It will be easy for you to operate in the Indonesian language. Follow the given steps carefully.

5. Find edit option

You will see different options made on the screen. Find the edit option and press on it. This option is located next to the Facebook language.

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6. Find pengaturan

Once you have changed the language now again click the down arrow and choose Pengaturan. You will find this option in the second last option of the column. It will open the setting option. You have to choose Sunting. It is located in front of your name under the Umum option.

7. Remove the last name

Now a completely new window will open in front of your screen. You will find your name section in that window. Remove the last name of your profile. You can change the name from the Belakang option and can save it after pressing Tenjau Perubahan.

8. Change the language

This is the last step of the whole method because you have changed the language to Indonesia. Therefore, change it again to your desired language. Click the drop arrow then setting and go to the Bahasa column. After that press Bahasa apakah, yang Ingin Anda gunakan saat membuka Facebook. After that, you can choose the desired language. You can set the language to Hindi as well as English.

This is the easiest way to change the name of your Facebook account to a single name. you can use other methods also but this one is the best method. Choosing the Indonesian language helps a lot to select only a single name on Facebook. I hope you find this article helpful

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