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How to pop out Twitch chat?

If you are a gamer and are choosing Twitch as a streaming platform. You might be facing difficulty in reading chat and streaming all together. So, to make your viewers satisfied and build a sense of communication on your stream you will need to interact with them. To interact you need to read the chat and while streaming you need some better way to read so that you can do both things easily. If you want your fans and your community to stay with you will be required to interact and to read their chats.

So, if you are wondering how will you do this all together then there is good news you can do it but bad news that it might require you to invest a bit. But before you invest, try it without investing by following the easy ways for how to pop out Twitch chat.

These steps will depend on your usage of devices to monitor or phone for streaming.

How to pop out Twitch Chat While Streaming?

If you are streaming from a single monitor or phone follow the following steps so that you can have a half screen with chat and a half with the stream. But the only disadvantage is it can distract your viewers also. Also, you would not be able to read it carefully and it will distract you from the game. You can only focus on the one part be it game or chat not both together. You can use this way at starting when you don’t want to invest in a different monitor.

  1. Click on chat options by tapping the little gear icon right next to the purple “chat” button.
  2. In the chat menu, Click on the “pop out chat” option.
  3. Adjust it on your screen by moving the pop out next to your main game screen.
  4. Ensure both the streaming and chat screens are of the same size. Most importantly placed in a perfect way so that you don’t get distracted.
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An alternative way to pop out Twitch chat

So, if you are ready to invest in two screens then you can use this way. Follow the following steps to make a pop out Twitch chat on the other monitor.

  1. Log in to your Twitch account from the system

How to pop out Twitch chat

2. Click on your username and open the dropdown menu. In the menu choose “channel” heading.

3. Click on share and then copy the code of the “Embed chat” of the particular channel.

4. Paste this code on notepad with the different monitor and save it with HTML extension. Just like, Save it with the name “demo.html”.

5. Now open the stream demo folder or the embedded code that you have saved.

6. So it will open in browser and you now can see your streaming chat.

With this, you can stream from one system and read chat from the other system.


Try with simple ways from streaming from one monitor of the phone you can use extra things in that like increasing the font size, using easily readable colors, and other customizations. Once you are ready to build a career in the streaming filed then you can go for choosing the other screen for chat and view chat from their by placing it easily visible in your view.

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