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How to Read someone’s Whatsapp Message from Your Phone?

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Though it is not the right job to read someone’s message from your phone sometimes due to the business point of view or due to some situation it is very necessary. So now you are thinking about how to do it? I am here to help you.

It is very easy to read someone’s WhatsApp message on your device, here are the steps for that-

1) You need to install whatscan for whatweb and then set up it

  • Whatscan can be downloaded in your device it is very simple and available for both type i.e
    Android version and iOS version.
  • Open the whatscan app on your device and select the language you are comfortable with. You are ready to use whatscan for whatsweb

2) Scan the QR code on whatscan with the device of the person you want to read the chat on your phone.

  • At this time you have to be very smart, you have to physically hold the phone of the person and scan the QR code available on the WhatsApp application. For this, you have to work hard because there are chances that the person may not give you the device for scanning his/her QR code. If you take the device even there may be a password issue. The WhatsApp application may have a password. You have to go with them all. Now the question arises where you will find the QR code.

a) If the person is an Android user then open WhatsApp and go to the menu there you will find the WhatsApp web.
b) If the person is iOS user then open WhatsApp and go to the menu there you will find the WhatsApp web.
c) If the person is the windows user then open WhatsApp and go to the menu there you will find the WhatsApp web.

  • After scanning the QR code the WhatsApp of the person will be displayed on your device. Every possible action that can be performed on WhatsApp such as reading chats, sending messages, changing the profile picture, uploading the status, sending voice notes, downloading galleries, files, audio, videos to your phone.
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In this way, you can enjoy someone’s WhatsApp on your device. You also have the option of securing the whatscan app with the password. There are other ways for using someone’s else WhatsApp on your device.

There is some app available for this such as Spyic, cocospy, Mobistar.

Let us see the description for the spyic app if the targeted device is the iOS and Android devices follow the step-

1) Sign up with spyic and purchase the package that satisfies your demand.
2) Provide the iCloud Id and password of the person whose chat you want to see.
3) After once you get the Access to go to social apps click on it and select WhatsApp, in this way you can secretly access WhatsApp of the person. Just the thing required in Android is the installation of the application.

Here is another option of hacking the other person’s WhatsApp.

It is very simple to hack the WhatsApp using spyic app, here are the steps-

1) Open play store and download WhatsApp sniffer and spyic tool.
2) Open this app mention the contact number whose WhatsApp you want to see. Wait for some time so that the hacking process can be done and click on the verify option.
3) Now you can use the WhatsApp of your targeted person but the information you can see will be of the last thirty days.


We have seen various options of using the WhatsApp of someone else in your device. It is up to you which choice you make. You have recommended spyic, cocospy, WhatsApp sniffer, etc. These all are the sensible trustworthy app and reputed. All the apps are good reviews. For sure whatever the options are provided are going to help you and solve your problems. Your purpose for keeping an eye over someone’s WhatsApp can be solved. But one must not perform this with a wrong view.

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