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How to save Snapchat videos?

The photos and videos you share on Snapchat will disappear right after viewing them. However, you can replay them once. The stories your put on Snapchat will disappear after 24 hours. There are so many videos and photos which are just amazing and we always want to save them. But unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t allow us to save the videos. If you are thinking of taking a screenshot then stop thinking about it. Snapchat will immediately send a notification to your friend if you ever take a screenshot of his/her streak or even stories.

This is the best reason why everyone loves Snapchat. But now how to save snapchat videos? The only option left is screen recording. Snapchat will not send any kind of notification to your friend if you ever screen record his/her streak or stories. But there is again a correct method of doing this. If you don’t follow this method then you may be kept red-handed.

How to save Snapchat videos ?

1. Download screen recorder app

screen recorder app

Screen recording is inbuilt on many mobile phones. If your phone has also this feature then open it and if your phone doesn’t have this feature then you can download any app from the play store. Open that app.

2. Turn off internet connection of your phone

Turn off internet connection of your phone

This is the most important step of the whole procedure. If you don’t follow this step then a notification will be sent to your friend.

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3. Open the snap

The next step is open that snap you want to record. Record the snap and save it to the gallery. You have successfully saved a video of your friend from Snapchat. But don’t forget to turn off your internet otherwise, you may get into trouble. I hope you found this article helpful.

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