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How to screen record on iPhone?

Are you also an iPhone user and want to record the screen? maybe you are reading this article because you don’t know how to screen record on iPhone. We have good news for all the iPhone users. iPhone has an inbuilt feature from which you can record your screen. To enable this feature to follow the given steps:

How to screen record on iPhone?

1. Enable the feature

Firstly you need to enable this setting. After this, you can use it directly from the bottom edge.

control center

Go to the settings and then look for the control center. Press on it. After that press customizes controls. There you will find the option of screen recording. Tap on it.

2. Go to the bottom edge

After you have enabled the screen recording option then you only need to swipe up the bottom edge of your iPhone. For iPhone X swipe down the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Press on screen recorder

After that press the on-screen recorder option. After that wait for the countdown of 3 seconds and then your screen recording has been started.

You can tap on the red button on the top of the screen to stop recording. Recorded photos and videos will be saved in the gallery. You have to enable the recording setting only once. After that, you can directly record by swiping up and down according to your phone.

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