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How to stop hosting on Twitch, a subsidiary of amazon is one of the growing websites for live streaming and streaming games. This site allows you to subscribe, donate, participate in-room chat, and interact with favorite streamer and Twitch community. Currently, Twitch has helped streamers to grow with the help of new tools or features, host mode. This feature allows any of its users to share any streamer live on his/her channel. It allows all the broadcasters to host other channel’s live broadcast to its own page.

In other words like if I want to host or want to show or say promote my favorite streamers live video through my channel I can show it easily with this new feature. The host mode of twitch gives its users to promote content and have a stronger audience with building networks and connections with broadcasters. Currently, this mode only works on mobile, Xbox One, and web browsers. This is a better and best way for streamers for promotion and building contacts and networking with their viewers and broadcasters.

Most of us don’t even know about this feature. If you are hosting a life it is important that you enable when you want it to end. It is not enabled on its on you need to command twitch to host or unhost any channels live.

How to stop hosting on Twitch

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Most of the time we start hosting and forget to stop hosting and hosting goes on whether we are online or offline and our viewers are able t subscribe or like the video. to enable or stop hosting you will require to use the code or type “/unhost” and enter space. Follow the following steps if you forget to un host any video.

  • Step 1 : Visit twitch tv on your web browser or mobile app and Login with your credentials.
  • Step 2 : On the top right corner, there would be an Avatar click and select the channel for which you have started hosting from the context list or you can directly search with the name of the channel.
  • Step 3 : Channel for which you have hosted will appear on your screen with the video panel and the live chat window
  • Step 4 : To unhost the video from that channel on your twitch type or give the command for /unhost and enter space in the chat window and hosting will stop and the video panel will get stoped.
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After completing you will receive a notification saying that you have ended and exited the host mode of the particular channel.

Final words

You can start and end as many hosting’s you want from this feature by just typing “/host” with channel name to start and type “/unhost” and enter space in the chat box area to end the hosting with the particular video panel of that channel.

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