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How to take professional pictures with phone?

We live in a society where it is mandatory to own a phone. And among the age group of 15 to 45, it is a trend to own a smartphone. Now, about a decade ago, people love to buy DSLR cameras and Digicams to shoot quality photos. However, then comes the series of quality smartphones where you can shoot decent images. The pattern spread like a virus, and now, every 8 out of 10 people have their smartphone where they capture images.

The so-called Megapixel war started a few years back, where the smartphone companies began a competition of providing smartphones with higher megapixel cameras. That didn’t just stay there. Some companies are offering 2-4 cameras on both rear-facing and front-facing ends. So, no one knows where this war will lead. Still, today we will discuss the steps where you, too, can shoot images and how to take professional pictures with phone.

How to take professional pictures with phone?

Step 1 – Be sure of what background you want to have

We all must consider the fact that we are trying to shoot professional photos using our smartphones. Yes, it can never be as good as a DSLR, but that is the challenge in the first place. So, the first step involves choosing the right backdrop. Whether you are shooting a model or doing product photography, you must select a matching background. No matter how good the camera quality is or how much photogenic the model is, an improper background can potentially ruin the photo for sure.

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Step 2 – Adjust lights

Even though lights are a collective part of the backdrop of your image, we believe that we should mention this point separately. Lights are crucial for the overall quality of the picture. In fact, technically it is more important than a typical photoshoot with a DSLR as these high-tech cameras have far better adaptability than any regular smartphone camera. So, make you the lights are adequate before you shoot.

Step 3 – Choose Smartphone carefully

Choose Smartphone

Choosing a proper smartphone is arguably more difficult than clicking a photo. As because there are tons of options in the market, it is tough to decide which is better than the others. Another problem is almost every 2 months, sometimes even less, new phones are launching, and the last release got discontinued. However, we suggest you buy a smartphone that has a better rear-facing camera. It is vital to have a dedicated depth-censor camera to adjust the blur quality. Other than that, everything else like a phone with 4 cameras in the back, sometimes 5 cameras, etc., are gimmicky and practically unnecessary.

Step 4 –Adjust the focus on the subject

focus on the subject

Now, this is where things are slightly getting technical. Most smartphones do come with a dedicated depth-censor camera. That will apparently let the subject of the image in focus and makes the background blur. Now, what is crucial here is the amount of blurriness you are putting on an image before you shoot. We also advise using minimal focus if you have a decent background.

Step 5 – Clean Lenses every time

Clean Lenses

Every time you prepare for a professional photo shoot, it is crucial that you clean the lens’ surface with a dry piece of cloth. Not only that helps you to shoot a clear image each time, but in the long run, that is good for the phone as well.

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Step 6 – Use flash as less as possible

The Flashlights in smartphones are typically artificial lights. So, we suggest you should not use flashes at all. The natural lights are far more suited to deliver quality images.

Step 7 – Use Stands if possible

Most smartphones nowadays come with electronic stabilization, which is a technology to make the image shooting experience steady. However, it is not that steady to shoot professional photos using a smartphone camera. Therefore, we suggest you should buy a camera stand instead and use stabilization on top of that to get the optimum result.

Step 8 – Choose Multiple Photos

Shooting photos in burst mode is always advisable. Nowadays, there are no shortage of space, and we are not using an analogue camera. So, better shoot more photos and then choose the best one to finalize.

Step 9 – Choose photo filters carefully

Even professional photographers edit images. So, it is not a matter of shame to edit your pictures before you finalize them. Now, it is critical to use proper filter effects that match the tone of the event and the background. Use Adobe Lightroom, which is brilliant in editing photos and giving it the desired professional looks.

The Conclusion

With all these steps into consideration, we would like to tell you that it is not fair you compare the output quality of a smartphone generated picture with a DSLR one. Still, if you follow all these steps, the average quality would definitely be better.

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