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How to tell if someone is online on SnapChat?

Snapchat is a very unique and interesting social media app. One can send photos and videos, put stories, and can chat with any user. You have to send a request first and then wait until the person accepts it. Once he/she accepts your friend request you both can send media and chat with each other.  As we all know that every social media app has some drawbacks. Snapchat to have many drawbacks.

One of its measure drawbacks is that it has no inbuilt feature which tells the activity of any user. You have to do something from your own to know whether the person is online or not. Some of the methods of how to tell if someone is online on Snapchat are given below:

How to tell if someone is online on SnapChat?

1. Check the snap map

Snap map

Snap Map is a very interesting feature of Snapchat. It tells the location of all your friends. You can also find the activity of any user from it. For this go to the camera section and swipe down. Now the snap map will open on your screen. Locate your friend whom activity you want to check. Once you locate him/her you will find their activity right down their bitmojis. If you find ‘just now’ written below their bitmoji then it means the person is online. If you don’t find this written it means that the person is offline.

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You can also open the location of your friend from his/her profile. Open the profile of the person and then click on their snap profile. The location of the person will appear on the screen.

There is a drawback to this method. Anyone can hide their activity from the snap map by enabling the ghost mode. So in case you don’t find your friend active on the map then it doesn’t mean he/she is offline. Maybe he/she has enabled the ghost mode so that no one can see their activity. In this case, you can try the given below methods.

2. Go to the chatbox

This is a very simple way of how to tell if someone is online on Snapchat or not. For this method go to the chatbox of the person whose activity you want to check. If the small bitmoji appears at the bottom of the chat. It means the person is online and he/she has also opened your chatbox. If you find the moving dots, it means the person is typing something.

This method has also a drawback. You can tall the activity of the user only and only if he/she has opened your chatbox. Or if the person is typing something. To clear all the doubts you can check the third and last method.

3. Check the snap score

snapchat score

Snapcore is the number of snaps a person has sent. It includes stories also. If any person is online then he/she must send snaps to others. And their snap score increases. You can take an idea from it about the activity of anyone. For this open your Snapchat and tap on the bitmoji of yours. Now click on friends and check the list of your friends. Select the friend whose activity you want to check. The snap score is given under the name of the person. If the snap score increases every day, it means that the person is continuously online in the Snapchat.

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You can also use a method in which you have to check the status of sent snaps. For this firstly send a snap to the user. If you find opened written in place of snaps then it means the person has opened your snaps. All these methods are only to predict the activity of the status. None of the methods shows the correct activity of a person. There is no such method of how to tell if someone is online in Snapchat or not. You have to use these methods in every case. But these methods are not bad. You can surely use these to take an idea about the activity of the user.

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