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How to turn off Chat Heads on Facebook Messenger

Hello everybody, I am here and and today I’m gonna show you guys how to turn off chat heads in Facebook Messenger bubble that is basically an overlay on top of your screen. So a lot of people kind of like it. Some people get a little annoyed with it so this is the way you’d be able to either turn it on. Or also turn it off.

So I had one of my buddies who asked me today hey Man, I have a little Mr. bubble that always keeps popping up. I just wanted to give me a little vibration and give me notifications in the panel and that’s it. So this is how to turn off chat heads . But you can also vice versa. Turn it back on.

How to turn off Chat Heads on

I am going to explain you exactly how to turn off chat heads on Facebook Messenger in two different mobiles phones , one that’s running to six dot O .1. And this one that’s running the latest Android operating system which is nougat 7 zero and I just want to kind of show you guys be both phones because they kind of differ. So the first thing I’m going to show you guys is the one on the left hand side, which is what a lot of you guys might have which is 6 dot O .1. What you’re going to do is go into the settings and then it will actually head down into where it says applications.

How to turn off Chat Heads on Facebook Messenger

  • Underneath applications you go to application manager, then the very top right hand side works as more you’re going to see where it says apps that can appear on top. So that is exactly what is happening.
  • This app right here is appearing on top of all of the other applications that you be able to use on your phone and then you just basically look for Messenger in alphabetical order. Would you turn it off? You can see that it actually goes away.
  • Now if you guys want to see it come right back on all you gotta do is go right back over into your guys’s settings. And I actually just got another notification from there right up over here. There’s actually a little icon of Messenger and that there is another message coming through, so it kind of shows that your notifications still come through without that little round. Bubble scope back over into applications. Application manager. Let’s go all the way up towards his apps that can appear on the top and let’s scroll on down in this thing just vibrated again. Let me know that again there is other message and again with no bubble witch for some people it’s kind of nice and here you can see here that I’ve missed a notification since it was turned off
  • From the time from before, so that is how to turn off chat heads in Facebook messenger . Now let’s go over into the Android 7.0, which is nougat. Let’s head over into the settings icon and what you’ll do is you’ll Scroll down where it says applications. Now over here, when you click on the very top, it doesn’t give you the option of more because it gives you the little three dots for your menu. And then the other thing is that it doesn’t show it instantly right away, but you have to go into special access, which you do special access. This is where you go to apps that can appear on top.
  • And now we’re right back to where we were right over here. This phone over here just doesn’t happen to have Messenger, but this is where you’d be able to toggle it on or off for the Messenger. Bubble or the little chat bubble that you can have on or off over laying on top of your other applications.
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As a little side note, I had my buddy sent me over a screenshot of exactly what his said, so if yours does not say anything about apps on top of the others, this is the other way it would be mentioned based on your carrier is actually said. Draw over other apps. So if you’re just looking for notifications on the top along with a little vibration. Also, if you have a sound you can get that as well .

Here , I am going to give a short and summaries steps on how to turn off chat heads on Facebook
Messenger ;

  • First open the Facebook Messenger app.
  • Now find the settings button which is situated normally on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the settings button and it will open a sub-menu with various tabs but “Chat heads” option will be among the top ones.
  • Tap on “Chat heads” and you will find that there is an ‘On’ button. Now, in order to disable the chat heads, touch this option and you are done.

How to turn off Chat Heads on Android

  1. Open Facebook Messenger app on your Android phone.
  2. Find the settings button on top right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the settings bottom screen
  4. Find the ‘On’ button
  5. Tap on it to turn it “Off”, you can also turn off notification here.

Then You have successfully disabled Facebook Messenger chat heads & notifications on your Android phone.

What is Facebook Messenger Chat Head

How to turn off Chat Heads on

Chat Heads is a feature that allows you to access an SMS or Facebook Messenger conversation from any screen on your Android device by tapping on small circles that contain a profile pic of whoever it is you’re conversing with. Facebook chat heads are quick and easy way to communicate with your friends and after installing the Facebook Messenger on Android device, the chat heads are enabled by default for everyone. And not everyone is a fan of this feature and might want to disable it right away.

Facebook Messenger now uses Android 11’s Bubbles API for floating chat heads

With Chat Heads, Facebook Messenger found a nifty way to let you juggle multiple conversations without having to jump back and forth between apps. Since their introduction in 2013 (yep, those bubbles are that old), Facebook has so far relied on a custom overlay solution. But with the latest beta, Messenger is switching to Android 11’s native Bubbles API, though not a whole lot is going to change for end-users.

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Spotted by a Twitter user, Messenger’s latest beta app has a new setting for enabling the Bubbles feature. Toggling it on will take you to the next screen, where you can pick the conversations for which you want to see these floating heads. The app’s Android notification settings also show the new Bubbles sub-category where you can tinker with the options.

Messenger’s notification shade has also got a new icon, as shown in an included screenshot, to switch back to a chat bubble in case you’ve dismissed it unintentionally. As a user, not much would seem different after the new implementation; you’ll still get collapsible bubbles that you can interact with and move around the screen as usual. The Bubbles API debuted with Android 10’s developer previews last year, but it remained almost dormant until Android 11 enabled it by default. With native support in Android 11, you can expect to see a more consistent behavior across apps that tap into the new API.

It looks like Facebook has been testing the Bubbles API for a while now; it even rolled out the feature to some users on the stable app.

What are Android chat heads in Messenger

Chat heads let you read and reply to messages while you’re using other apps.

A chat head with your friend’s picture will pop up when you get a new message. To view and reply to the message without leaving the screen you’re on, just tap the chat head.

  • You can use your finger to move chat heads around on your screen, or drag them to the bottom of the screen to close them when you’re done chatting.
  • If you’re using Android Marshmallow and chat heads aren’t appearing, you’ll need to turn them on.

To turn on chat heads in Android Marshmallow

  • In Messenger, tap your profile picture in the top left.
  • Scroll down and tap Chat Heads.
  • Toggle to turn on or off .


However, how to turn off chat heads is simple and easy to dismiss a chat head as just a simple tap on the active chat head (and hold) and dragging it to the X that shows up towards the bottom of screen will get the task done.

But whenever you got a new message or a new reply or someone starting a new conversation, will let the pop up come in front again. Not only on the home screen but these chat heads can pop up on top of any apps that you might be using and this is where it gets really annoying.  I hope the concept how to turn off Chat Heads on Facebook Messenger is clear to you.

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