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How to unlock iPhone?

Your iPhone might get locked for many reasons. If you have also locked your iPhone by mistake then you can again open it with the help of different carriers. Now many of you must be thinking that what is the carrier? It not like a carrier in castor oil. Before jumping to the unlocking process lets talk about the carrier.

What is the carrier?

Carrier is a small packet which contains all the data and connectivity network of your iPhone. It is very important to keep the carrier of the iPhone up to date. Otherwise, your iPhone may stop working.

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can unlock your iPhone using different carrier options. Now if you want to use the same carrier and forgot the password then, it may be not possible. You can use this method only and only if you agree to change the carrier. If you made your choice you need to follow the given steps:

How to unlock iPhone?

1. Ask your carrier

Only your carrier can unlock your phone if you don’t remember the password.

  • Firstly you need to contact your carrier and ask for unlocking your phone. You need to send a request to your carrier and wait for 3-4 business days. The iPhone allows you to check the status of your request by contacting the carrier.
  • Your carrier may ask you to fill some information. Once it confirms everything then your iPhone may get unlocked.
  • Now the question arrives here how to contact your carrier? To contact your carrier you need to follow the given steps:
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2. Remove your sim card

This step is only for those customers who are using a sim other than their current carrier.

remove sim card iphone

  • If you are using a sim different than your current carrier then firstly remove it from your phone and insert a new sim of current carrier.
  • Now if you insert a new sim card then of course you need to set your phone again.

3. Backup your phone

This step is for those who are using the same sim card as their carrier.

How to backup Iphone

  • Now reset your iPhone. It means once you have backed up the iPhone then erase all the date from your iPhone.
  • Make sure you have restored all the backed-up media from your iPhone.

4. Take help

Now, sometimes your device will show you an error like ‘THE SIM CARD YOU HAVE INSTERTED DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE SUPPORTED’. This message only appears when you have inserted a sim card that supports your carrier. Therefore, you must have put that sim that came with your iPhone. After that follow the given steps:

  • Now restore the data to the factory setting.
  • Contact your carrier to make sure that your request has been submitted to them.
  • The last step is to restore your iPhone from backup.

After you have done all the procedures, now wait for some days. It takes some time to approve your request. After some days your phone will be unlocked by the iPhone.

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