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How to use Android phone as speaker in PC

Most of the people use android phone. These phones are available in almost every price. One can find a good android from ranging from 5 thousand to million. We use androids for almost every purpose. But do you know that you can use android phone as speaker in PC? Many of you must be amazed after reading this. Android phone can be used as a speaker in PC, TV, and even to laptops. Since. Laptops and televisions have inbuilt speakers but you can use an android phone as a speaker in case the original one stops working. In this article, you will explore the How to use Android phone as speaker in PC.

How to use Android phone as speaker in PC

phone as speaker in PC

Stream audio

In this method, you can easily route the audio of your device. For this, you have to install sound wire. Download this on both laptop and android devices. You can easily download this from your play store or google. It is an app for audio mirroring. Connect your laptop to WiFi and turn on the internet of your device.

After that set up this app. You need to follow all the instructions given on both the apps. After that, your device will be connected to your PC. You can also increase the volume according to you. But the audio quality depends on the network quality. In case you have a bad network than the audio quality will be a little disturbed.

You can also stream the audio of the phone in your TV and also audio of one android in many devices. There are different ways to this. I hope you have found this article helpful.

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