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How to wave at someone on Facebook ?

It is always difficult to initiate the first talk with anyone. And it becomes more and more difficult when you have to talk to your crush. It feels very confusing what to say first? Thankfully, Facebook has a feature from which you can wave at someone. It is very easy to wave at someone instead of searching for opening dialogue. If you don’t know how to wave on Facebook then read the given instructions and follow them:

How to wave on Facebook

1. Download Messenger

Download Messenger

Messenger is a chat app on Facebook. If you want to chat with someone on Facebook then, you first need to download the messenger app. You can easily download it from the play store or app store. Then login with the same Facebook id.

2. Open the chat box

Once you have logged in to the messenger then a list of all your previous chats and new friends will appear on the screen. You need to open the chat box of that person whom you want to wave at.

3. Click the wave option

When you open the chat box then the option of waving appears in front of the screen. You just need to press that option. And the wave will be sent to the person. By following these instructions you have successfully waved at your friend. Now wait for a reply from your friend, I hope you will this article helpful.

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