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How to improve Google search Ranking

Are you also a website or blog owner and searching for different ways to improve your google search rank. Then let me clear you one thing, money alone cannot do anything. Whether it is a case of real-life or google search rank. You have to put extra efforts to increase the google search rank. Extra efforts don’t mean that you have to create something extra but you have to put all those efforts in your content and website or blog. In this article, you are going to explore the best ideas to improve your google search rank.

1. Maintain the keyword density in your article keywords 

Keyword density is the first deciding factor of google search rank. Whenever any viewer searches on any keyword, then your website will appear in the list only and only if you have maintained the proper density of keywords in the related article. Therefore, always make sure to maintain the exact keyword density in the article.

If you write all by yourself, then it is well and good but if you pay for writers to write for you then, ask them also. Because if you are paying someone then of course it is your right to get the desired work.

2. Improve the experience of your viewers

It is a very easy concept, if your viewers find your content valuable and informative then why they are going to visit your website again and again. Make your website easy to use as many viewers don’t know how to operate a difficult and messy system. Keep everything nice and beautiful on your website.

Always write and post to the point things. Don’t write stories and bore your viewers. It will also help to decrease the bounce rate. The first paragraph of any article is going to decide the bounce rate of the website. Therefore, keep that most informative. In the end, always appreciate or say something nice to your viewers so that they come to your website again and again.

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3. Improve your page speed

If your page takes much time to open or work then trust me, no one is going to wait for the page to open. Doesn’t matter how useful is your content but if it takes time to open then no one will stay. Today in 4g technology, everyone likes to operate a fast system. Therefore, improve the speed of your page.

4. Write SEO optimized content

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a criterion which you have to follow to make a content of high quality. If you post everything with a good score according to SEO, your page will rank a higher position in the google search list.

Also if you write content with no grammar and spelling mistakes then, your website may attract foreigners. We all know this fact that no one likes to read content with grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes. It may decrease the traffic of viewers on your website. Therefore, always write mistake-free SEO optimized content.

5. Use quality links and optimize the images

It feels very irritating when any viewer opens any link on your website and found error 404. Always use high-quality links on your website and recheck if they open or show error 404. If you write about any topic or any product then always mention its buying link at the end. It leaves a good impact on the viewer. You can also use tools like broken link check or dead link check.

Also, try to use images on your website. Use only related images and don’t fill your article with many images as it may slow down the speed of your page. Try to compress the image you used in your article. It is one of the most important deciding factors for improving google search results.

6. Use header and footer and optimize the local research

In research, it is found that using header and footer in your article increases the interest of the viewers because they find it easier to understand. The header and footer make things simple and help the viewers to understand the content well. Therefore, try to use as many as header and footer as you can.

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Optimizing local research means, nowadays people like to search like this: the best business near me, the best food shops near me, the best salons near me. Therefore, if you are owning these kinds of websites then don’t forget to add your business or shop in the local directories. You can also claim the google my business listing. If you do all this and whenever any viewer uses near me word in the goggle research, your website may appear at the top of the list.

7. Post plagiarism free content and optimize the voice search

Posting plagiarised free content is the most important step. If you use plagiarise content, it may lead you toward two kinds of trouble. The first one is google never rank your website or blog if you use plagiarized content. Also, the site from where you have copied the content may file a case against you. It comes under a crime. Therefore, do not copy anyone’s wording and try to make fresh content always. Of course, you can take ideas from other websites but don’t copy exact wording.

60% of people say they like to search for everything using the voice search feature. They find it very easy. Therefore, make sure voice search find your business. Try to add voice search phrases on your website. Use the full sentence in a natural conversation instead of using only one keyword.

These are the top 7 methods or ideas from which you can improve the rank of your website in the google search list. Keep this in mind it is not as easy as buying an amazon prime account. You can not improve the website rank in just two days. According to studies only 6% of newcomers able to increase the google search list in one year. Hence, you have to be patient. Keep posting fresh content will all the ideas mentioned above and after the hard work of 1-2 years, you will be able to improve the google search rank.

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