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How to hide Instagram followers?

For those people, Instagram facilitates the feature in the privacy section of the Instagram. They can make their account as a private account. After doing this setting, no one can tell you what you want to hide from others. Most people want to hide their Instagram followers. So, let’s see How to hide Instagram Followers?

Instagram is a platform where you can easily create your online presence. On Instagram, you can see what your friends posted and your friends also see your posts. Instagram becomes the largest online social media community where every Bollywood star and other entertainers are posting new and creative content to entertain their fans. Having an online presence is a great thing that connects you to the community. Many people thought that Instagram is only for entertainment purposes. No, because many education pages, Motivational pages are also available on Instagram which helps people to increase their skills.

On Instagram, people can like and comment on their thoughts about the post of their friends. On Instagram, a game of followers is also very popular. Every person always wants to increase the number of their Instagram followers. Well, most people like to show their posts and followers to the community but some people want to take it private. Everyone is not comfortable to show themselves to the rest of the community.

How to hide Instagram Followers?

On Instagram, you don’t have any feature to hide your Instagram followers. Yes, it’s true, you can hide your Instagram followers on Instagram. Instagram is a broad social media community where lots of photos, videos, and online stuff are available. It’s not an easy task to manage these things. So, you can’t hide your Instagram followers, so that no one can see your followers list. Now, a question must arise” what can we do to hide our Instagram followers?”

Well, unfortunately, you can’t hide your Instagram followers on Instagram but you can do one a privacy setting on your phone by which only your followers or the people you follow can only see your followers list. By making your account private, only your follower and the people followed by you can see your followers list. In this way, you’re about to hide your follower’s list to the rest of the public.

So, let’s discuss how you can do this setting to hide your Instagram followers to the general public.

Instagram hide following (By making our account private)

The first and most important step to hide your followers is to control your visibility on Instagram. A private account is necessary if you’re a celebrity or a business owner. You can do this for your security. So, to control the online visibility on Instagram you have to set your account as a private account. The steps by which you can change your Instagram account from normal to private. This will hide your lists of followers from unknown persons.

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Steps to make your account private

  • Open your Instagram account on your phone. If you’re not logged-in into your account then log-in and wait for a response.
  • Once you logged in into your account, go to the option which is placed on the right-hand lower side of your phone’s screen. The screen shows some options to select, you have to find 3 vehicle lines with dots. Click on the option and wait for the response.
  • This will place you on the Privacy option. Click on this option and find the option of “Account Privacy”.
  • This will show you the option of a private account. Click on this option so that the option turns to blue.

By doing this adjustment you’re able to make your Instagram account private. Now, no one can directly be your friend on Instagram. If someone wants to follow you then He/ She sends you a friend request. When you verify their friend requests then only they can be your friend.

Instagram hide following? (By Removing your Instagram Followers)

Instagram Followers

If you already have a private account but you want to hide the list of your followers from your followers. Well, this is not a complex task but must know that your followers can see the list of your remaining followers. This will lead to a decrease in the number of followers.

If you still want to hide your followers from your Instagram account then you can remove your Instagram friends. Once you remove your Instagram followers then they aren’t able to see your followers list.

So, let’s discuss the steps to How to remove your Instagram followers from your Instagram account.

Steps to remove your Instagram followers

  • Open your Instagram app from your phone and open your Instagram account.
  • Now, click on the option of Instagram Followers, you can see the list of your Instagram followers here.
  • Use the search bar to find the peoples you want to remove from your Instagram account.
  • Once you select the list of removing followers, click on the options Remove.

Now, the persons whose account is removed by you cant see your Instagram followers. They can find you on Instagram but to be your friend/ follower they have to send your friend request again.

Instagram hide following? (By restricting the accounts)

restricting account instagram

If you don’t want to decrease the numbers of your followers and want to hide your followers from the persons you can restrict those accounts to whom you want to hide your follower’s list.

Once you restrict the accounts then the people aren’t able to see your followers list. Not even this, they also can’t see that when you become online on your account. Their comments on your posts only appear to them. If you want to see their comment then you have to do a setting on your account regarding this. To know how you can restrict any Instagram account through setting follow the steps discussed below.

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Steps to restricting the accounts

  • First visit to your Instagram profile. You can go to your profile through a circle that covers your Instagram profile. This circle is available on the bottom right side of your phone’s screen.
  • Now, go to settings, and after that click on the option of Privacy.
  • Once you click on privacy, a new page will open which shows some options to select. You have to find the option of “Connection”. Click on this option and wait for the response.
  • This option will show some more options in which you have to select ” Restricted Accounts”.
  • Now, a search bar appears on the screen. Use this search bar to select the name of the people to whom you want to apply restrictions.
  • Now, select restricted options with their names.

After completing these steps the accounts to whom you want to hide your Instagram followers are restricted. Now, they can see your Instagram followers. This way is one of the best ways to hide your Instagram followers.

Instagram hide following? (By blocking Accounts)

At last, you can block these accounts to whom you don’t want to show your Instagram followers. If you’re not comfortable with any of the ways suggested above then this way can be your last resort. In my view, this is the most effective and easiest way to hide your follower’s list. This way also helps you to avoid the online negativity into your Instagram account. Now, let’s see the steps to know how to hide Instagram followers?

Steps to block any account from your Instagram account.

  • Open your Instagram app and keep log-in. If you don’t log in to your account then enter your username and password to log-in.
  • Go to your person’s profile page and find the option of three dots.
  • Don’t worry because you can easily get this option on the top right side of the screen. Once you find the option immediately click on it.
  • A menu will open on your screen which shows various options to you.
  • Select the option of “Block” and click to confirm.

After completing the steps mentioned above, Your unwanted followers become blocked and they can’t see your followers list. Not only this, but they also aren’t able to see your posts or connect you in any way.

So, these are the steps by which you can do Instagram hide following You can use any of these methods according to the prospective.

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