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How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp today is one of the most popular and most used messaging apps all over the world. Despite your location, everyone uses WhatsApp to talk through messaging, calls, and video calls. In 2017, WhatsApp was working on self-destructing messages for the individual chat then this feature “delete for everyone” was launched by a Facebook owned company, that allows any person to delete this message from his side as well as the viewer before he watches or within the stipulated time limit. With the feature to delete for everyone is available in groups also.

This feature is now so used to remove photos, videos, or a message from the WhatsApp. However, it gives a sense of irritation to see a deleted message and makes you curious to see what the person has deleted.

However, deleted messages can be retrieved and watched even if the sender has deleted it from everyone. So this feature is not full proof, it has many flaws like the message cannot be deleted after a certain time period. You now might be curious is serious that we can see deleted messages! How is it possible? Well, there are many ways to see deleted messages tough but there is no such official feature launched by WhatsApp to see deleted messages it can only be seen by the third party apps, and there so many apps that shows the messages.

Remember that some of the apps charge you a price to access the feature that revels the deleted messages and if you are planning to download any such third party application must read the caution. Some of these apps are not officially supported and may expose your personal data including OTPs, other bank details, private messages, images, videos, passwords saved in cookies, contact, and almost all the data of your mobile phone. So downloading any third party app is at your own risk.

How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp?

How annoying & irritating it is when someone deletes their messages before you can see them? That makes you more curious to read that message. We just found the best and safe solution: WAMR! Although this is a tried and tested process to read the deleted WhatsApp messages. This is the best application we have found, a perfect application to read the deleted messages other than all those fake third party applications which don’t show anything but cause harm to our mobile phone by scratching all the data from your phone. This feature to see the deleted messages is only applicable on androids no IOS users can download this as there is no such app on the apple store.

How WAMR works?

When someone deletes the message, ”this message was deleted” is shown in the chatbox. But curiosity make us download the application and read the message, you can follow up on these steps to read the deleted messages. It is only if you are an android user.

Step 1: Download and install

Install the WAMR app from the Google Play store. It will require 12 MB. Although there are many fake applications on the google play store this is full proof and tested application.

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Step 2: accept and read its terms and condition

Once the download is complete, read and accept the disclaimer of its terms and conditions just telling you about the backup and its services. Accept and tap next.

Step 3: Select the apps you want to give access

The app will ask you for which apps you want to see the deleted messages select WhatsApp or if you want any other app from the list that you will see and tap next.

Step 4: Finish setup

Tap and read all its features and complete the setup with enabling, auto start, multimedia files, and notification reader. It will ask you to grant permission from your settings. The setting menu will pop select the app and grant permission by just tapping allow and that’s done.

Step 5: It’s done

You have completed the setup, Now you will be notified when some delete the message. You have to just open and read what they have deleted you the message will be shown in a different color from the normal chat.


There is no such application available for iOS. This app allows you to watch deleted text messages, media attachments including images, videos, gifs, audio, documents, and stickers anytime after deleting those messages. Although it has some limitations of WAMR like ads can irritate you and some of the app bugs might irritate you. But one of the best app if you really want to read the deleted messages.

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