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How to remove non active followers on Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the popular social media apps and has got a lot of popularity mainly among the youths. Its popularity has been increasing day by day as well. The Instagram parent company is Facebook and it is managed and regulated by Facebook. Due to its popularity, people are creating millions of new content and photos to increase the number of followers in their accounts. How to remove non active followers on Instagram?

Coming straight to the point there are many active and non active followers on Instagram as well. Which is also called ghost followers. Ghost followers are those accounts who are non active or fake accounts. As we know the more followers we have the more our profile looks better and engaging. However, there are some people who believe in making their account quality rich not a quantity rich. So in this article, we are going dig deeper on this topic.

How to remove non active followers on Instagram?

We can see a lot of accounts has millions of followers but they don’t have engaged audience which is really bad in itself. It shows the perception that you are getting quantity rich followers not quality rich followers. There are lots of people who want to remove non active or ghost followers from Instagram to make their accounts more engaged and relevant. So, if are one of them who wants to remove non active followers and want to make a smaller yet engaged audience than you came to the right place.

Removing such types of ghost followers or non active followers from our account is an arduous task as it takes time to do so. Because searching for non active followers among millions is boring. In this article, we have brought different types of the way from which you can easily remove such ghost followers or non active followers.

Method 1:  How to remove non active Instagram followers?

To remove non active followers from Instagram. The first thing you need to do is you need to find non active followers. So, there are a lot of android apps and websites from where you can easily find out non active followers from your account. All you need to do is log in to the apps and it will show you all the non active followers on the screen. We have brought a list of android apps from where you can easily do this.

  • My ghost followers: It is one of the popular apps from where you can easily monitor non active followers on Instagram. In simple words, it will help you to identify and remove ghost followers. The downside with this app is that it is the paid version app. While you use this app it allows you to remove the first two followers for free and then it asks you coins to see more of them. So, you need to purchase or refer some or purchase the coin to remove non active followers.
  • Crowdfire: This application is one of the third-party applications which allow you to find out non active followers and remove them from it. The app comes with many inbuilt features which are mention below:
  1. Non Followers
  2. Recent Followers
  3. Smart Feed
  4. Recent Unfollowers
  5. All Following
  6. Fans
  7. Inactive Following
  8. Competitor Followers
  9. Keyword search and Friend Check.
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The apps come with many inbuilt features that will help you to see many things including non active followers. All you need to do is just
scan the account and it will display all the detailed data of your account. This app comes with both paid and free version which you can check on their website.

  • Cleaner for IG: This app is also similar to the upper apps. The main difference is that it will help you find non active followers and also helps them to delete from your account. You can use this app for both free and paid versions.

Method 2: How to remove non active followers on Instagram?

The second what we can do is we need to search the non active followers manually in the account. As it takes a lot of time and effort to do but it’s an alternative that you do if you have a lower number of followers in the account. All you need to do is make a list of non active followers visit their profile and block them. It is one of the easy ways to do this but the downside is that takes a lot of time.

Method 3: How to remove non active followers on Instagram?

The third method is that prepare a list of all the non active followers and there is a lot of apps that block the Instagram account in the large number. This will reduce the time for blocking the users rather than manually. The best part is that such types of apps are available for free you don’t have to pay for that. If you want an Advertisement free app then you go for paid else you go in the free version of it.

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Method 4: How to remove non active followers on Instagram?

Sometimes you may block the active users unknowingly which shows a bad sign among the followers. So, you can do another method that is first blocking the users and unblock them again. This makes followers think that it was done mistakenly or with something else reason. If the followers are not active in that account that you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Method 5: How to remove non active followers on Instagram?

Te next thing that you do to remove the non active user messages them to follow you. Yeah, it sounds crazy to tell the people to follow you but what you can do is first send them some message if you got reply than leave it else you can block the users who are not replying your message and you don’t have to ][worry about the anything else if you do so.


The above 5 methods are one of the most used methods to remove non active users on Instagram. So, we request everyone to use all the 5 five methods and check which one works well for you. We can’t guarantee that all the above methods will work for everyone. So you can pick which one is suitable and easy for you. I hope that the above article has helped a lot for removing non active users from Instagram.

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