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Snapchat Emoji Meanings

Are you a snapchat user and want to know about the emojis of snapchat then you’re at the right place. Snap chat is one of the fastest growing online multimedia platforms. In snapchat, you can use share amazing photos, entertaining videos, and can chat with your contacts. This application also provides you the feature of sharing unique and amazing emojis which makes your chat more entertaining. Well, if you’re talking to your friend and want to make your conversation more entertaining then you should have the ability to choose the right emoji in a particular situation. Snap chat has a wide range of emoji and in this article, we’re going to discuss Snapchat emoji meanings.

Snapchat emoji meanings

Snap chat has a wide range of emoji and we’re going to discussing them with their specific categories. Now lets the basic Snapchat emojis meaning.

💛 Yellow heart:- You can send this emoji to your best friend no matter whether it is a boy or a girl. This yellow heart introduces your love to your friend.

❤️ Red heart:- This emoji is mostly sent to them when you’re thankful to someone or want to become a best friend to someone. Send your love to your best friend with the help of this sticker.

👶 Baby emoji:- This emoji dedicates the starting of your friendship with someone.

😬 Grimacing face:- If you’re feeling little Awkward from the conversation with your friend then you use this emoji to show your friend that you’re feeling Awkward.

😎 Face with Sunglasses:- This emoji shows your style of cleverness behavior. So, you can use this emoji when you get something smartly.

💕 2 pink hearts:- This emoji shows that your relation with your friend is more than 2 months with the dedications of both the people. Send this emoji to show your love to someone.

😏 Smirking face:- You can send these snaps to those contacts which are not too close to you.

😊 Smiling face:- The smiling emoji shows your integrity to your contact. This emoji shows that you’re enjoying chatting with your friend.

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🔥 Fire:- Fire emoji shows your anger or excitement against a certain chat.

💯 Hundred scored emoji:- This emoji appears on the next of the fire emoji. This emoji is sent when you’re showing that you agree with the other’s suggestion completely.

🎂 Birthday cake:- Send this snap chat emoji on the occasion if the birthday of your best friend. Wish them a happy birthday with your great greetings.

Hourglass:- Use this emoji to show your friend about the end of your snap streak. So, these are the basic snap streak emojis with a complete explanation In am sure that you understand these Snapchat emojis meaning. Now, were going to discuss some Purple zodiac emojis.

Purple zodiac emojis

This type of emoji is very helpful to recognize the birthday month of contact. There are lots of zodiac emojis which show the birthday month of the contact. The emojis are separated according to the month. So, let’s discuss all the zodiac emojis to get more information about them.

♈ Aries — This show that the birthday of your contact is between March 21 – April 20
♉ Taurus —This show that the birthday of your contact is between April 21 – May 21
♊ Gemini — people whose birthday occurs between May 22 – June 21 have this emoji.
♋ Cancer — From June 22 to July 22
♌ Leo — From July 23 to August 22
♍ Virgo — From August 23 to September 23
♎ Libra — From September 24 to October 23
♏ Scorpius — From October 24 to November 22
♐ Sagittarius — From November 23 to December 21
♑ Capricorn — From December 22 to January 20
♒ Aquarius — From January 21 to February 19
♓ Pisces — From February 20 to March 20.

Snapchat covers these emojis according to the time duration of a month. Snap chat also occurs many Icon which is a major of the same size but shows a different meaning. So, let’s discuss the Snapchat icons.

Snapchat icons

Snapchat icons are not included in the list of Snapchat emoji but these icons can provide you a lot of information related to your snaps.

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snapchat snap without audio:- This icon shows that your message is sent without any sound.

snapchat snap with audio.:- If you want to send a message with sound then this icon will help you recognize that your message is sent.

snapchat sent chat message :- This icon shows that you send a chat message to your contact.

snapchat friend opened snap without audio :- This icon shows that your friend opens a snap without any sound.snapchat friend opened snap with audio

:- When your friend opens a snap with sound then this icon will inform you.

snapchat friend viewed and recieved cash:- when your friend received the cash or viewed your snap.

snapchat friend opened chat message:- This icon shows that your friend opens the chat message in Snapchat.

These icons are the message send or opened icons but there are many other icons which yet to be discussed. So, let’s start finding these Snapchat emojis meaning.

Snapchat emojis meaning (Received Icons of Snapchat)

snapchat recieved snap without audio:- This icon appears when you open a snap without sound.

snapchat recieved snap with audio:- When you open a message with sound then this icon will appear to recognize this to you and your friend.

snapchat recieved chat message:- This icon shows that you received a chat message from your contact.

Snapchat emojis meaning (Viewed Icons)

snapchat chat message viewed:- This icon shows that your chat message has been viewed by the receiver.

snapchat snap with sound viewed:- This icon clarifies that your snap which contains a sound is viewed by the receiver.

snapchat snap without sound viewed:- You snap without sound is viewed by the receiver. Snapchat emojis meaning (Screenshot icons)

snapchat screenshot taken of snap without audio:- Your snap sends and is viewed by the receiver without sound.

snapchat screenshot taken of snap with audio:- Your snap is sent with sound and also viewed by the receiver with sound.

snapchat screenshot taken of chat message:- When your chat is sent and viewed by the receiver you can recognize this by this icon.

Snapchat emojis meaning (Trophy case)

The trophy case is another type of Snapchat emojis meaning. This type of emojis is available at the top of the ghost screen. This type of emoji shows various types is locks like �� until the achievements get unlocked.

Let’s take a look to the trophy case emojis

snapchat trophy case

All the achievements which are unlocked come with a different meaning.


Snapchat emoji meanings we discussed here and covered all types. These emojis are very interesting and you can easily use these emojis to make your conversation more entertaining and clear.

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