How to take screenshot on Android device?

It is said that nowadays photo galleries of people are filled with screenshots instead of real pictures. If you are using a new android phone and want to know about how to take a screenshot on it? Then let me tell you one thing, the method of taking screenshots varies with the phone. Some phones have inbuilt sensors in them and one can easily take a screenshot by dragging fingers or shaking etc. But there is one common method that applies to each android device.

How to take screenshot on Android device?

  • Open the photo

In the first step, you need to open the photo or any document you want to take a screenshot of that.

  • Then press power button and volume button

Now press the power and volume button of your device simultaneously. The screenshot is captured successfully in your android device. You can easily view the captured screenshot from the photo gallery. A separate folder as a screenshot will appear on in your gallery.

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