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How to turn off read receipts in Instagram

Do you know that you can hide seen or read the recipient from the message? Yes, you can read someone’s message without letting them know. Although like other social media platforms, Instagram also does not have any such feature that allows you to turn off read receipts. In this article we discussing about an easy way to turn off read receipts. Although this trick would only be applicable to the latest version of Instagram.

How to turn off read receipts in Instagram

Easy Steps to Turn Off Read Receipts from your Instagram

As mentioned, if you want to turn off read receipts, then you can’t turn off read receipts on  Instagram with any direct way. But there is a way you can read messages secretly without updating you’re seen on the message you viewed. Let’s see in detail how you can do this. Follow these simple easy steps guided below;

turn off read receipts in Instagram

Step 1: when you receive a direct message on your Instagram account. You will receive a notification in your notification panel, but only if your notification is switched on. When you view notification of a message and you want to read but don’t want, you’re seen to go. So, don’t just directly Tap to read if you read it secretly.

Step 2: Open your Instagram Application on your device > open DM section by clicking on the top right corner DM icon where you can access all the conversation. but don’t open any conversation or see any message.

Step 3: Now just disconnect the internet connection of your device. Turn off WiFi as well as cellular data or just make your device into the flight mode. The reason behind switching of the data after opening the DM section is that it can access your read receipts but won’t load or send your response or seen on the chat.

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Step 4: Now you can read the message received from your chat menu. While you are reading any message the sender is unaware that you have read their message. And disconnecting yourself from the internet will disconnect you from being online leaving in causing no action online. But it will be marked as visible when you switch on your network.

Step 5: Before opening just simply log out from the account and turn on the mobile network after logging out so that you don’t end up sending the seen to the sender.

To confirm that the message you have read is seen in from the senders account or not. Open your chat menu there you can see the message is unread and it’s unread then it means that the sender is not having seen notification till you open the chat when you have an internet connection.


This is one of the best and only way to read the Instagram message. It allows you to read without letting the sender know or without updating the read status in the sender’s chat menu. This way is the best if you are curious to know someone’s message but at the same time, you want to ignore the person. You can read all the messages without even letting the sender know, not even at a single message.

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