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How to Unblock yourself from Someone’s WhatsApp account

If your friend has blocked you in WhatsApp and you have tried many ways to contact them but you didn’t succeed. Here are some solutions to how to deal with it? Lots of research was done and finally found a very simple solution. After finding one solution many solutions came one by one and it was very easy to unblock yourself from someone’s WhatsApp account. Though unblocking is not the easy way and that too from someone’s WhatsApp. But here are the number of solutions for that. First, let us know if someone has blocked you or not.

How to Unblock yourself from Someone’s WhatsApp account

  1. Find whether you can see that person in your contact list or not.
  2. Are you able to see the profile picture of that person or not.
  3. whether you can see the status of the person or not.
  4. Whether you can see the last scene of the person or not.

When you are sending the WhatsApp message are you able to see the double tick or just the single tick which shows only that the message is sent but the person has not received messages it yet? From this, you will know whether the person has blocked you or not. Now we will show how to unblock yourself someone’s else WhatsApp messenger-

  1. We will create a WhatsApp group and start the conversation in that group. But there is a problem indirectly the adding to the person in the group and for that here are three solutions-
  • Add that person in the group from another WhatsApp account.
  • You can take the help of any common friend to add both of you in a group.
  • By creating a virtual phone number for creating the WhatsApp account.
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By all of these methods, you will create a WhatsApp group. In case two what you have to do is as mentioned below-

Suppose there are three friends namely Ramesh, Suresh, Girdesh.
Here Ramesh: He is blocked by Suresh.
Suresh: He is the one who has blocked Ramesh.
Girish: He is the mutual friend of Ramesh and Suresh.

  1. Now Ramesh has opened the WhatsApp account, he will go to three vertical dots. Now he will open icons from the top right corner and will click on the new group. In this a give a group title.
  2. Now he will add Girdesh and will make him a group admin and now we will add Suresh to the group by the WhatsApp account of Girish. And In this way no matter what Suresh blocked Ramesh then also Ramesh can chat with Suresh.

The other simplest step of getting unblocked is deleted your WhatsApp account for that

  • Go to settings click on the delete my account button and then click on that particular account.

Unblock yourself from Someone's Whatsapp account



  • Then uninstall the WhatsApp from your device and restart your phone after that.
  • Again go to Google play store or Apple store and install the WhatsApp messenger.

Unblock yourself from Someone's Whatsapp account

  • Now create the account with the same number.
  • When the account is verified, sync the WhatsApp contacts in your account. When you will see your contact list now you will find that you are already unblocked.

What is the trick behind this solution of unblock yourself from someone’s WhatsApp account?

  1. See if someone has blocked your contact which means it is stored in the WhatsApp server and it won’t allow you to send the message to the person who has blocked you.
  2. Uninstalling the app and removing the account will help you as your contact won’t be in the WhatsApp server anymore.
  3. So now you are no more in the block list of your friend’s account. And as you recreate the account, again you will be In the whitelist of your friend or the person who has blocked you.
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One thing you must remember while following this step is to take the backup of the data before deleting  the account.


WhatsApp is the simple thing to be used but nowadays it is disturbing the generation sometimes due to emotions and sometimes with bad intentions. One of the settings is blocking the contacts. To get out of this distraction one trial you can do is this method above mentioned will help you. As we have seen the amazing place of unblocking yourself from someone’s WhatsApp account.

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