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How to view private Instagram profile?

Instagram is a very popular social media app. It allows a bunch of good features. One of its best features is to set your account private. In this feature, you can choose whether you want your profile to show to others or you want to show it to your friends only. Now when you see any private profile, the eagerness of stalking that profile must come in your heart. But unfortunately, there is no such method from which you can directly see the private Instagram profile. If you can do so then what is the meaning of setting the profile private. But don’t worry we have a method from which you can view the private profile on Instagram.

How to view private Instagram profile?

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Send follow request

This is the only thing you can do to view the private profile on Instagram. You have to send the request to the user. Once he/she approves your request then you may be able to see all the posts and highlighted stories of the user.

To send a follow request view the profile of the user whom you want to send the request. Now you will see an option follow made on the profile. Tap on that option and then you have to wait until the user doesn’t accept your request.

In case you don’t want to increase your following list then simply stalk the profile and after that quickly unfollow the user.

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