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How to know who viewed your WhatsApp profile?

Almost every single people use WhatsApp. It is so easy to use that even old aged man can operate it. Also one can use it with almost no net. It requires a very little amount of internet. You can send photos, videos, documents, recording, and many more things in WhatsApp. Therefore, it is the most liked app by the people.

Everyday a lot of people come across your WhatsApp profile. And if you want to have a loot at who viewed your profile then, you are on the right platform. In this article, we are going to tell you the ways from which you can have a look at who viewed your WhatsApp profile. We will also tell you about who vie wed your status as well as messages. Read the given content carefully and follow all the instructions:

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1. Who viewed My WhatsApp profile?

You must be thinking that we will tell you to download third-party apps like those who viewed my WhatsApp profile. Because there is no inbuilt feature in any phone to check this. But there is also no app to check who viewed my WhatsApp profile. You can download some apps and check by yourself. There is no such app that tells exactly who viewed your WhatsApp profile. All the available apps are fake and show a lot of bugs. Therefore, it will be a complete waste of time to download such kind of apps.

Instead, you can check who viewed your message and status.

2. Who viewed your status?

It is super easy to check who viewed your status. For this firstly open your WhatsApp profile and you will find the option of status next to chats on top of the screen. Press on it. Click on my status. You will see an icon of the eye made on the screen. Press on it and a list of all the viewers of your status will appear on the screen.

3. Who viewed your messages?

If you want to check if any person checks your messages in an individual chat box then it super easy to check. Open the chat box of the person and if a double blue tick will appear at the end of the message that means the person has checked your messages. And if only double black tick appears at the end of the message then it means that the person received a notification of your message but didn’t open it yet.

If you want to check that if any person views your message in any group then open the group first. Then long press on the message you want to check. After that three horizontal dots will appear on the top right corner of the screen. Press on it and the select info. After that list of the

viewers appear on the screen along with the list of people who received only notification of the messages.

These are the only possible ways and things to check the viewers. It is not possible to check the viewers of the complete profile. I hope you find this article helpful.

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