Lululemon Is Hiring Right Now & You Don’t Need Any Experience

Lululemon is a Canadian based company who is mainly known for its fitness related stuff. The company was founded in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada. In the beginning of the company has one retailer shop in Vancouver where they used to sell Yoga Pants and Yoga T-shirts. Later on, they have come up with more fitness-related stuff around the world. If you are searching for Lululemon’s job then you are in right place. Currently, the retailer has more than 400 stores around the world. So, you can expect that there are lots of opportunities around the world.

The company has more than 15,000 employees around the world and has revenue of more than 4 billion every single year. Besides this, some of the popular products sold by lululemon these days include Athletic Wear, Yoga Related stuff; Shirts, Shorts, and pant are some of the popular stuff sold in the shop. Coming straight to the point in this article we will discuss everything about the jobs and opportunities in the Lululemon Company.

Lululemon Jobs

Lululemon is one of the popular brands mainly popular in Canada and North American content. Currently, the company has more than 15,000 around the world. The company was started in 1998 and till now they ahs made a lot of progress in their retail market up to no. Lululemon was listed on NASDAQ in a very short period of time. In 2007 the company offered its very first initial public offering and was able to raise on $300 million by selling 18 million shares. Since then the company began increasing its progress in the market.

Currently, they have hundreds of thousands of jobs available in the retailer market near your hometown as well. The average salary of Lululemon depends upon the country and places. Besides this, you will also get a lot of discounts and vacations over the year as well. Which we will discuss later in the article. Lululemon has more than 400 shops around the world for now but there are a lot of shops opening in the upcoming year.

How much do Lululemon employees make an hour?

The salary of an average worker in the lululemon depends upon the places and country where they are living. It is not the same in almost every place so make sure this thing before you proceed to apply for Lululemon jobs.  The average salary of lululemon employees in North America is around $14 per hour and goes up to $25 per hour. It mainly depends on your experience, Qualification, and negotiation ability. Besides this, there are various things that you need to make sure of before you apply for the jobs.

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The average salary of Lululemon employees in the UK starts at 10 euro per year and goes up to 20 euro per hour. Some of the popular jobs at Lululemon UK are Educator, Key Leader, Marketing Manager, and Product Manager. Besides this, there are many popular jobs which haven’t included here. If you want to get the latest update about the jobs then you can check on their website where they will list the latest vacancy announcement. Besides this, there are several sources including social media to know more about the latest jobs where you can easily stick for more info.

The average of Lululemon employee in Australia is $20 and goes up to $30 per hour. Besides this, if you have more experience in the job than you can make more than it. Some of the popular jobs available in Lululemon Australia are Marketing, Store Manager, Product Manager, and so on. You will get both part-time and full-time jobs in Lululemon Australia. They provide a lot of facilities and discounts on their job which can get on work.

How do you apply for a job at Lululemon?

You can easily find information about Lululemon Jobs from their official site. Make sure to change the location according to the country so that it will show you the jobs in your country or location near you. After selecting the job according to your expertise visit the nearest store of Lululemon. There you will get forms and submit your personal detail and information. Besides this, you can also apply it online which is a popular method for every people. The common jobs available on their site include Storekeeper, Educator, Product Manager are some of the popular job available in Lululemon.

The educator is one of the common jobs available in Lululemon. In this job, you have assisted the customer with the service and queries. A person who is an expert in this field can easily apply for this job forms their site. After applying for the Lululemon job you will soon get a message for the interview. There you have show your certificate working experience and so on. If you are selected for the interview then you will have to attend their training program for some week and then you can work on their company.

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Do Lululemon Employee get discount?

Lululemon’s job also gives you benefits while buying stuff at the Lululemon store. You can get up to a 60 percent discount on every good you purchase from Lululemon. The employee gets an awesome discount while buying any kind of goods. Most of the product of Lululemon is way expensive as compared to other sportswear product. If you are an employee then you get up to 60% discounts on the purchase of any product.


Besides this, if you are a part-time employee you can get up to a 40% discount on every product you purchase from them. Sometimes you can also get up to a 75% discount which is 4 times cheaper form its original price. So, if you are an employee at Lululemon make sure to grab the discount offer by Lululemon.

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How much do Lululemon educators make?

The educator is mainly responsible for providing education to the customer regarding the product and queries that the customer has. The educator talks with the customer and tells about the product detail, Features, and uses. They also have to clear their query about why Lululemon products are best and also have to guide them while using them.

The average salary of an educator starts at $14 per hour and goes up to $20 per hour. It also depends upon the experience and the qualification they have. Besides this, the educator also needs to have knowledge about fitness and regarding clothes and should not afraid form their customer. If you have good speaking knowledge and the ability to influence the customer then you can apply for this Lululemon Jobs. You can easily apply for this job from the website or their store.

Benefit of doing job in Lululemon

There are lots of benefits to Lululemon jobs. There are lots of jobs available in Lululemon which you can easily find jobs in their site. As I have mentioned earlier about the discount offer by Lululemon on their job. Their employee can get up to a 60% discount while purchasing Lululemon products. Besides this, they also offer you fee Insurance including Vision, Dental, and another common health issue.


If you have so much experience in a job or you are in a higher position you will also get paid vacation. You have to work for 40 hours a week and you will get paid around $14 an hour. Besides this, you can also work part-time and you can work around 20 hours a week and you will be paid the same amount as you get paid in the full time. They also offer you a health insurance facility in part-time jobs. In addition to this, you will get up to a 40% discount while purchasing any products of Lululemon.


Lululemon is one of the popular Athletic product retailers where you can get a wide range of fitness and yoga related stuff. They have more than 400 stores around the world. It’s headquarter is located in Canada and later on, they have expanded their store all around the world. They have shops in Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, and Italy are some of the places where they have stored.

They hire mainly those people who have some knowledge of fitness and yoga-related activities. Most of their products are elated to fitness and Yoga related activity. So it will give you the pros while doing jobs. Apart from their jobs they also offer you different kinds of benefits as well.

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