Places that hire at 15

Places that hire at 15, this is something that has been searched by a lot of people. Nowadays, teenagers want to earn on their own, handle their expenses and don’t want to be dependent on anyone else. Every person who is/was earning knows that there is nothing more satisfying receiving their own paycheck.

There are a lot of places that hire at 15, hire teenagers. As teenagers demand low income, also are available at night, weekends and over the summer season as well. Various businesses/places that hire at 15 or hire teenagers. The business also has worldwide policies to hire teenagers.

But there are some rules which are to be followed while hiring teenagers. These rules differ according to various countries and various states. In this article, a detailed explanation is provided with places that hire at 15 in the USA. Due to which employment rules of the USA are mentioned below.

Rules that are to be followed by places that hire at 15 in the USA and individuals working at teenage are mentioned below.

Labor Laws That Apply To 14 and 15-Year-Olds

Since there aren’t any shortages for jobs that individuals can get at 15, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has many laws specifically to protect the workers under 16. First, children are allowed to work legally in the US from the age of 14 for almost all non-agricultural jobs.

At any age, however, children and teens may perform in entertainment fields. The federal rules for working teenagers are mentioned in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The Act works to protect employees from unfair labour practices by their employers. It also sets wages, hours worked, and safety requirements for minors working in jobs. The US Department of Labor maintains a chart on specific state laws as well. Which means that statutes regulating employment for minors vary from state to state. If the FLSA and state law overlap, the code that’s more protective of the minor will apply to check their state’s Child Labor Laws applicable to agricultural employment at other states or not.

Number of Hours that Can A 14 and 15-Year-Old Legally Work:

The FLSA also has set rules for the number of hours when school is in and out of a session that a person under 16-years-old can work. Individuals can’t work shifts during school hours.

As a 14 or 15-year-old, working hours are limited to:

  • Non-school hours.
  • Eight hours on a non-school day.
  • Forty hours on a non-school/vacation week.
  • Forty hours on a non-school/vacation week.
  • Three hours on a school day.
  • Eighteen hours in a school week.
  • Between 7 a.m.-7 p.m. per day, except for June 1st, where individuals can work from 7 a.m.-9 p.m.
  • If an individual attends private school, is homeschooled, or doesn’t go to school, a school day or week is any day or week the public school where he/she lives while employed is in session.

When individuals hit 16, many of these restrictions are lifted.

Pay that Individuals of 14 and 15-Year-Olds Should Expect?

Various factors determine the amount of money a 14 or 15 old needs to be paid. The standard minimum wage set by the federal government is $7.25/hour, which is required to be paid by all states.

Since individuals are under 20 years of age, they may be paid $4.25/ per hour for the first 90 consecutive calendar days under FLSA. After that, their employer will be required to pay the minimum wage to them.

This is, however, not limited only to the first employer. Every time an individual changes his/her job at 15, his/her new employer can pay the minimum wage.

Few states have their own higher minimum wage laws than what FLSA requires. Other than that some states like Wyoming and Georgia, have a lower minimum wage ($5.15/hours).

Various places that hire at 15 in the USA are:


When it comes to jobs before 15 or places that hire at 15? Restaurants are one of the best places that provide. Restaurants provide both path time and full-time jobs. Jobs such as waiters, cleaning staff, cooking staff, receptionist, cash counter employee and much more are provided by restaurants before 15. When it comes to payment, the hourly wage that ranges from $7 to $15 is given by restaurants
to employees under 15. Restaurants mentioned below employ 15:

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is not a place/places that hire at 15. Individuals must be of, 16 years and above to work at Dunkin Donuts. Jobs such as porter, crew members, counter help, cashier, shift leader, assistant store manager much more are given to teens.

Baskin Robbins

Minimum age required to work at Baskin Robbins is 14. Due to which a 15-year-old individual can work at Baskin Robbins. Jobs for the cashier, serving staff, waiters are offered to teens at Baskin Robbins.

Ben and Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s is not a place that hires at 15. As the minimum age to work at Ben and Jerry’s is 16 years. But it is only one year due to which it doesn’t create a big difference. Jobs such as Ice Cream Scooper, Cashier etc are given to teens. Payscale for the same ranges from $10-$12 per hour.

Dairy Queen

Some locations Dairy Queen hire individuals of 14-15 years and some hire individuals of 16 years minimum. Posts such as front counter, kitchen, chill staff etc are offered to teens by Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen employees get paid approximately $12.72 per hour.


Arby’s minimum age to hire employees is 16 years. But it does employ individuals of 15 years at some locations where permitted. Hourly payment at Arby’s ranges from $7.79-$13.42 per hour. Posts such as cashier, waiters and much more are offered to teens.



KFC employs teenagers of at least 14 years. By which it can be said that KFC is one of the places that hire at 15. Posts such as delivery executive, cashier, shift supervisor and much more are offered by KFC to teenagers.

Burger King

At some locations, Burger King employs an individual with a minimum age of 14 years and at some locations 16 years. This difference occurs due to employment rules. Burger King offers various jobs to teenagers in various departments. Jobs in the kitchen department, delivery jobs, cashier jobs etc are offered.


Minimum age to apply for a job at Chick-Fil-A is 14 years. The same may vary according to locations. By this, Chick-Fil-A comes under places that hire at 15. The average pay scale at Chick-Fil-A is $13 per hour.


Minimum age requirements to work at McDonald’s 14-15 years. By which McDonald’s become one of the places that hire at 15. Various jobs such as crew staff, kitchen staff, cashier and shift manager are offered by McDonald’s to teenagers.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut employs individuals with a minimum age of 15 years. There are many jobs at Pizza Hut that require zero experience. Those jobs are offered to individuals of 15 years, by which Pizza Hut becomes one of the places that hire at 15. Posts in the kitchen department, cash counter area and delivery department are offered to teenagers by Pizza Hut.


The minimum age requirement to work at Culver’s is 16 years. But at some locations, it also employs individuals of 15 years as well. Various posts such as cashier, team member, crew chief, porter are offered by Culver’s to teenagers.

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream hires individuals with a minimum age of 14-15 years. This age requirement may vary according to locations and can go to 16 years at some places. Posts such as ice cream maker, scooper, crew leader are offered to teenagers.

Rita’s Italian Rice

The minimum age requirement to work at Rita’s Italian Rice is 14 years, that may vary according to locations. At Rita’s teenagers are offered posts such as cashier, Icemaker/server, shift leader, assistant manager etc.

Little Caesars

Little Caesars is one of the fastest-growing pizza chains in the U.S. Minimum age required to work at Little Caesars is 16 years, at some locations, it is 15 years as well. By which Little Caesars gets counted in one of the places that hire at 15.

Apple Bee’s

Apple Bee’s is a chain of bar and food restaurants. The minimum age requirement to work at Apple Bee’s is 15 years. Various jobs that don’t require experience are offered by Apple Bee’s to teenagers. Jobs such as waiter, cashier, kitchen department are offered by Apple Bee’s to teenagers.


Wendy’s is a chain of restaurants well-known at various places. The minimum age requirement to work at Wendy’s is 16 years. But individuals of 15 years can also work by getting workers to permit. Wages provided by Wendy’s to teenagers are $15 per hour.


Subway is a fast food place or a chain of restaurants spread all over the world. When it comes to employment, the minimum age to work at Subway is 15 years old. But at some locations, Subway hires individuals 12 years up and of a minimum age of 14 years at some. Jobs such as cook, sandwich artist, cashier, delivery guys are offered by Subway to teenagers.

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California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen is a famous and well-known pizza place. When it comes to employment, the minimum age to work at California Pizza Kitchen is 16 years old. At some locations, the age limit is 15 years according to government rules. Various jobs such as hostesses, delivery persons, cashiers, kitchen staff are offered by California Pizza Kitchen to teenagers.

Taco Time

Taco Time is a fast food restaurant chain that specialises in Mexican food. When it comes to places that hire at 15, Taco Time is one of them. As it employs individuals with a minimum of 15 years. Taco Time offers the post of a team member, cook, cashier, shift leader, assistant manager and others to teenagers.


Zaxby’s is a restaurant that looks for a cheerful, efficient and responsible individual to work for them. Minimum age to work at Zaxby’s is 16 years, it also hires part-time employees at the age of 15 as well. It offers various jobs such as counter jobs, waiters, kitchen workers etc to teenagers.


Starbucks is a chain of the cafe and a restaurant, which works in providing more than just a coffee. Starbucks somewhere hires employees at a minimum age of 14 years and some places that hire at 15. According to locations, government rules and work permits. Jobs in the order department, cash counters are provided by Starbucks to teenagers.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a well-known chain of restaurants that also provides great career opportunities. Minimum age to work at Taco Bell is 16 years, which can also get lowered according to franchise and locations. Various jobs such as kitchen staff, waiters, cleaning staff are offered by Taco Bell to teenagers.


Runza is a famous chain of restaurants. When it comes to employees and career, Runza values each of its employees. It rewards them and is looking for hardworking and fun-loving people. Runza is one of the places that hire at 15. Minimum age to work at Runza is 14 years which vary according to locations. Runza provides posts such as crew members, waiters, cashiers etc to teenagers.

Grocery Stores

Second best place for jobs or places that hire at 15 is grocery stores. Grocery stores provide flexible hours for jobs. It provides both path time and full-time jobs. Grocery stores provide various jobs such as cashier, taker, salesman, cleaning staff, security staff and much more. Pay Scale at grocery stores before 15 ranges from $8 to $15.

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle cannot be said as one of the places that hire at 15. But it does hire employees from the age of 16-18 years. As it is just a difference of 1 year, it doesn’t make a very big difference. Jobs such as salesman, bagger, taker etc are provided by Giant Eagle at the age of 16.


Safeway hires individuals with a minimum age of 14. 14 years is the minimum working age that the U.S. Department of Labour permits. Limited jobs are given to individuals of 14 years such as entry-level jobs. By which it can be said Safeway is one of the places that hire at 15.

Giant Food

Giant Food has more than 150 stores, situated all over the USA. Giant Food doesn’t provide jobs at the age of 15 but does provide jobs at the age of 16. But as it is just a difference of 1 year it doesn’t get the count in a huge difference.


Many people ask is Kroger a place that hires at 15? The answer is yes, but only at states where it is permitted. Non-hazardous positions are given at Kroger at 15.

Publix Food and Pharmacy

An individual can start working at Publix Food and Pharmacy from the age of 14. Individuals get paid to range from $135-$147. 14-17 individuals at Publix don’t work for more than 4 hours in a day.

Winn Dixie

Teens from the age of 14-15 are hired at Winn Dixie. Posts such as Cheese Steward, Cake Decorator, Certified Pharmacy Technician, Bakery Associate, Courtesy Clerk are offered to teens. Payscale is different for various posts but it ranges from $7-$12 per hour.


Minimum age required to work at Hy-vee is 16 years. But as mentioned earlier it is just a difference of 1 year it doesn’t create a huge difference. The amount made from Hy-vee employees ranges from $9.38 to $20.10 per hour.


The minimum age to work at Wegmans is 15 years. Some positions are offered at the age of 15 but some require some specific age requirements based positional levels. Jobs such as cashier, handling monetary exchange, assigning others etc. are offered at 15.

Supervalu Pharmacies

Supervalu Pharmacies employs individuals with a minimum age of 15 years. Some positions are offered to teens and some are not. As some positions require experience, qualifications and higher age. Payscale for teens at Supervalu Pharmacies ranges from $9-$15 per hour.


Fareway is a grocery and meat store. It is not only known for providing bakeries, recipes, services, weekly promotions, sales, ads etc. But it also provides a promising career. Fareway is a place that hires at 15. Various jobs such as grocery clerk, bakery clerk, market clerk are provided by Fareway at the age of 15.

King Scoopers

King Scoopers is a supermarket brand. King Scoopers hires employees at various locations according to their ages. For some locations 18 years, for some 16 years and some 14 years and some 15 years. By which it comes in the category of places that hire at 15/teenagers. Posts such as cashier, taker, mover, security person etc are offered to teenagers.

Survey Jobs

Survey jobs are jobs in which people get paid for taking online surveys. When it comes to business, market research is important. Companies spend billions of dollars on the same. Due to which all the participant’s participating get paid for market research. Various survey jobs are available. The payment for survey jobs lay between $1 to $20. Various companies/websites are providing these jobs. Those companies are:

  • Survey Junkie
  • Swag Bucks
  • My points

Survey jobs do not have any age limit, do not require any professional qualifications or minimum knowledge. These jobs are very easy to do and can be done at any place and any time. For which it can be said as Survey Jobs is one of the places that hire at 15.

Other Companies

Various other companies/places that hire at 15. Those places are:

AMC Theatres

Workers at AMC Theatres do not require real experience to work. Entry-level jobs, cashier jobs etc only require minimal formal requirements. The minimum hiring age of AMC Theatres generally falls around 14-15 years old. Though applicants under than 16 years require a work permit to hold a job. By which it can be counted under the places that hire at 15.

Six Flags

Six Flags is one of the places that hire at 15. Minimum age of employment at Six Flags is 14 years old. Various jobs such as admission host, food service, merchandise, park services, office clerical, operators etc. are provided at age of 15.

Palace Entertainment

Palace Entertainment is a water park, theme and a family entertainment centre. The minimum age for employment at Palace Entertainment is 14 years. By which Palace Entertainment becomes one of the places that hire at 15. Jobs in the security department, cashiers jobs, ticket counter jobs are offered for people at the age of.


Hershey’s is a chocolate making company. When it comes to employment Hershey’s is one of the places that hire employees from the age of 15. However, the minimum age requirements of various jobs differ.

Youth League Referee/Umpire

Youth League Referee/Umpire is someone who is required to be present at the game. He/She is responsible for the instruction, supervision and officiating of the match. Umpire ensures that the players follow the rules of the game and treat each other fairly, handle disputes and may handle the pressure. For becoming a Youth League Referee/Umpire people are required training and knowledge about sports. These things are provided by various organisations and can be taken by a person of any age. By which it can be said people at the age of 15 can
become Umpire. Due to which Youth League Referee/Umpire can be said as one of the places that hire at 15.

Baby Sitting

There is no fixed legal age for babysitting. A person of any age can babysit, so it is one of the places that hire at 15. Baby Sitting just requires a little bit of training. Training to understand babies, learn various things about babies and learn to take care of babies. This training is not compulsorily professional, it can be gained personally from someone as well. This can be learnt by anyone of any age. Due to which it is a kind of work that can be done at 15.

Pet Sitting

By Pet Sitting, a person can earn $15-$20 per day. When it comes to Pet Sitting, it requires knowledge about pets, knowledge about taking care of pets and training about pet sitting. This training and knowledge can be gained by anyone. Due to which it is one of the places that provide work at the age of 15.

Dog Walking

A dog walker is someone who takes the dog on an hour or a half-hour walk. He/she will also be responsible to take care of the dog’s water and food supply at the walk. Dog Walking can also be counted as a part of pet sitting sometimes. Dog walking is something that can be easily done just by gaining some knowledge. Due to which it is one of the places that hire at 15. Dog Walking is paid around $15 to $18 per hour. Many organizations and people are searching for teen pet trainers and dog walkers.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing is a traditional summer job. Usually, parents start teaching Lawn Moving to their children at their teenage. But parents need to take care that at what age they are teaching Lawn Mowing to their children. Lawn Mowing should be taught at the age of 14-15 years. Which then can be used by children to work at other places as well.

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Mobile Car Wash

People usually don’t have time to clean their car on their own. Due to which they hire car wash services or people to wash their cars. Mobile Car Wash is a service where Car Wash service can be ordered wherever and whenever required. It can be a house, office or any other place. Car Wash is not much difficult to do, it just requires to be washed properly by using water and a generator. Due to which it is one of the jobs that can be done at 15.

Mother’s Helper

A mother’s helper is someone who helps their mother at home or works for someone else as a mother’s helper. A mother’s helper can be said as an individual who helps out to be parents or family needing extra care. Care of their children while the parent is not at home. Mother’s help is a work that a person does since his/her childhood due to which it becomes a place that hires at 15 professionally or personally.

Task Runner

Task Runner are people that can be a hero or a villain behind a project. He/She is a person that toil behind most web and mobile applications. Task Runner is known to provide value through automation of developmental tasks. Developmental tasks such as concatenating files, spinning up development servers and compiling code.

Nowadays, it is seen that teenagers are experts at computers. They keep on learning new things using the internet. Development tasks of the task runner are one of them. Due to which task runner is a job that can be done at 15.

DoggieDo Scooper

DoggieDo Scooper is also known as Pet Poop Scooper. It is a machine that can be easily used with one hand to clean pet waste wherever and whenever required. This machine is used by pet owners themselves or can be provided as a job to someone else. Usually, it is provided to someone else and is something which is preferred by children at the age of 14-15. As it is easy to do and gives a good earning for teenagers. It is preferred as a job that can be done at 15.

Working at Parents Business

Many children are interested in their parent’s business or parents want their children to continue their business. In both cases, it is seen that children start learning that business since childhood and start doing the same. Children usually start working at their parent’s business from the age of 15, the legal age to work. By which parents business becomes a place where individuals can work by their own or a place that hires at age of 15.

Concession Stand Worker

Concession Stand Worker is/are people that are responsible for selling concessions to spectators at various events. Concession Stand Worker is known as one of the best places that hire teenagers or places that hire at 15. Many companies hire teen Concession Stand Workers also provide training and knowledge for the same.

Selling Crafts

Selling Crafts

Many children are good at art. Children create art and craft from childhood which can be continued and also sell the same as they grow old. Children can also purchase crafts from someone else and sell them. As 15 years is the legal age to work, the same work can be started from that. As this work is easy and artistic as well, it is one of the works that can be done at 15.


A landscaper is a person who performs various duties. Duties such as grounds keeping, building maintenance duties, lawn mowing, edge ground walks, flower beds etc are performed by Landscaper. Teens are allowed to work as a Landscaper but only at some companies and only perform few duties as a Landscaper. By which it can be considered as a place that hires at 15

Editing or Creating YouTube Videos for Online Business

YouTube and the Internet are very famous, every person wants to go on the internet. Every businessman and organisation wants to take their business online using various ways. YouTube videos are one of them, businessmen can create these videos by themselves or hire someone else. This job is usually given to or done by teenagers of around 15 as they are more creative. Teenagers are of a generation that understands the internet in the best way. By which it can be said as one of the best places that hire at 15.

House Cleaning

House Cleaning is a service that is hired by people. In this service, few people go to the house the service is ordered for and cleans the house as asked. Various machines that can be easily operated are used in House Cleaning. This job doesn’t require a lot of training, knowledge or qualifications. Due to which it is a job done by teenagers of 15 years or one of the places that hire at 15.

Delivering News Paper

We all have seen delivery guys for newspapers, delivering newspapers at our home and others
as well. By looking at them it can be easily understood that delivering newspapers doesn’t
require any professional knowledge or qualifications. Due to which it is a work that can be done
by teenagers as well and it is one of the places that hire at 15.

Farmer’s Market Helper

Farmer’s Market Helpers are people that help to run the market with ease and minimize the stress level of farmers. Also, help managers, sponsors and deal effectively in public. Farmer’s Market Helper earn around $15-$18 per hour. This work can be done by anyone by getting trained in the same. Due to which it is one of the places that hire at 15.


Many people love writing. Some People start writing from childhood about various topics according to their interests. This hobby can be changed to work as children reach the legal age to work which is known as blogging. Blogging is writing about various topics and providing information about various things on digital platforms. Blogging just requires creativity, knowledge and good command over languages in which information is to be provided. Due to which it is a place where a person can work from age of 15 or a place that hires at 15.


An Entrepreneur is someone who sets up a business on his/her own, takes on the financial risk in hope of earning profit. An entrepreneur can be anyone, without any age barrier a person can start his/her business. But as the legal age to work is 15, a person can become an entrepreneur at that age only.


A marketer is a person/company that advertises or promotes something. Advertising is something which needs creativity and knowledge about its ways. Advertising can be done using various ways such as newspapers, pamphlets, social media, digital marketing and much more. The marketer needs knowledge about these ways and creativity. No minimum qualifications are required to be a marketer due to which it is a work that can be done at 15.

eBay/Craigslist Seller

eBay/Craigslist is a platform that allows people to buy and sell local things. This is a kind of business. In which a person can sell things on profit and buy various things as well. This is an online platform. A person requires knowledge about buying and selling online and few wholesalers contact. This requirement can be fulfilled by anyone, any person of any age. Due to which this is a place where a person can work at the age of 15 or is one of the places that hire at 15.

Summer Camp Counselor

Summer Camp Counselor is someone who takes care of the campers. Takes care of campers requirements and solves their problems. Some Summer Camps hire counsellors of 18 years and above. While some Summer Camps hire at 15-16 years. By which it can be said that Summer Camp is one of the places that hire at 15.


A tutor is someone who is assigned to give some kind of knowledge/training to a person/people. To become a tutor a person himself/herself should have complete knowledge of what he/she has to teach. This requirement doesn’t have any age barrier. A person can learn various things whenever he/she wants. Due to which it is a work that can be done at the age of 15.


A Busser is a person that cleans tables in a restaurant or cafeteria. It can be easily understood that this work doesn’t require any professional knowledge or qualification. This work can be easily done at the age of 15 or is a kind of place that hires at 15.

Documents and Photograph Scanner/Archiver

As the internet is growing worldwide. There are forms filled, documents and photographs are uploaded online. Which requires scanning, there are various software and applications through which documents can be scanned. Some people do this by themselves and some get this done by others. Many people charge for scanning documents and photographs and earn by it. As this work requires knowledge about scanning and not any minimum qualifications it can be done at the age of 15. By which an archiver is a post or one of the places that hire at 15.

As the world has become the world of the Internet. People search for everything on the internet. Due to which, some websites that provide jobs at 15 or websites giving information about places that hire at 15 are mentioned below.


Many other websites provide jobs at 15 and provide information about the places that hire at 15. But it is tried to mention the best of them, most genuine websites and top-rated websites. Therefore these are the places that hire at 15 in the USA. These places are not only known for the USA but are the same places that hire at 15 in other countries as well.

Other than places that hire at 15, professions that can be continued after 14-15 old individuals are also mentioned. Also, the rules to be followed by individuals and places that hire at 15 are mentioned.

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