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The addictive smartphones are a part of this modern world. Also it can be equally dangerous. Do your children lie often to you, and now you have no choice but to spy on them? Have you got a child whose phone you want to track to ensure that they are not overly distracted? We will look at a method to monitor smartphones remotely in this study. We will carry out a thorough analysis of FoneMonitor or Fonemonitor reviews to see if it is good enough for you or not.

FoneMonitor Reviews or Analysis 

FoneMonitor enables you to track without much effort the various activities of targeted smartphones. The program you want to track must be activated on the children’s computer. It then monitors and tracks the target phone with a wide range of functions. For both platforms, Android and iPhone, the tool is successful. It can also be found in other major languages, including Spanish , French, Japanese, etc.

Fonemonitor Reviews

Installation and Setup

  • The configuration is quite simple. You must register on the official FoneMonitor website using the following button with your Email address.
  • Upon registration, include the target device information, such as the device name, age and operating system.
  • A guide on how to install and test the target system is very already provided on the website. Some changes to the phone’s settings and downloading the FoneMonitor app will be needed.
  • Choose “Allow” to use all the permissions that this app needs after downloading the device on a target phone. You can easily complete the set up using a comprehensive, transparent guide to your site while configuring your FoneMonitor accounts, for instance, access to Storage Notification, Call History and so on.
  • The device icon may also be concealed or kept on the phone throughout the installation process. When it comes to uninstalling, the software is also identical to every other software. Go to ‘Applications’ and it is listed as a device service under ‘Settings.’
  • You can track the phone from your own PC / Mac when all installations are completed. Only go to your account and sign in with your registered e-mail to track the app on your computer.
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This Fonemonitor Reviews gives you an ideal judgement scope on whether to use this technology or not

Core characteristics of Fonemonitor

1. Dashboard

Fonemonitor dashboard

The table of contents is like a rundown of the unit. In this dashboard the system information such as Last Known Location, Battery level and GPS status are already given. Last call, last post, five most called contacts and five most contacts that from where message has come or gone can also be identified. The best thing that is liked about the dashboard is that it shows the current phone status whether it is used or disabled.

2. Track calls, contacts and interactions

In monitoring call history with date , time and length, and whether a call was received or released FoneMonitor is very accurate. Within your FoneMonitor account you can find all contact names with your phone number and all received and sent messages.

3. Social Networking Apps can be easily Tracked

This is one of the main features provided by this tool. Social networking for today’s children is a big distraction. FoneMonitor is actually able to spy on 13 devices for your target smartphone, like WhatsApp , Twitter, Messenger, Snapchat, Skype, LINE, Instagram, Viber, Kik, Tinder, WeChat, QQ and Hangouts, respectively.

All 5 of these can be tracked at once. But you can also use other apps when you switch “Option Status” to “OFF” for any device. This tool takes a screenshot of the device you are using and you can see how your child does and who sends messages to it on different apps.

Instagram offers you the screenshots of your home page and the chat history of Instagram Direct. You can also get this notification in the Instagram section on FoneMonitor when your child sends message to someone or receives notifications. Images of the news feed and updates are taken on Facebook as well. Even if the child does not use the device and the telephone is alerted, you will get to see it show it in the form of a simple message. You sre provided screenshots of the chat history of Messenger and WhatsApp and personal talk when the user scrolls through the device. You are also able to see WhatsApp accessories obtained on the target phone.

4. See Range of locations

Range of locations

The last target phone positions can be monitored by FoneMonitor if the GPS is on. You may create a geophages with a circle around this area if your child wishes to remain in some specific area. Want to see an e-mail warning and you get an e-mail whenever the target telephone is entering or leaving the circle.

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5. Screenshots can be Recorded

That is another positive thing about this tool. You only go to Capture Screenshots if your target system is working and you want to know what they are up then you can press ‘Take Screenshot,’ after only a few seconds you will obtain the screenshot.

6. See History of the browser

The Internet is a source of little good and much evil. It’s incredibly necessary to learn about your child’s websites. Make sure you browse the web to get the right information. The name of the URLs, the times and the frequency of visits to all websites can be seen in the ‘Browser History’ section.

7. Follow images and videos

You will be able to see all the images and videos on the target screen, organized by time. On your laptop, you can even access them.

8. Keylogging is possible.

What your kid’s curious all about is really relevant. The FoneMonitor keylogger helps you to monitor all of the keyboard’s typing on the targeted smartphone. In their respective apps all typed words or phrases are shown separately.

9. Blocking applications and monitoring applications

You can see all apps installed on your target phone by using FoneMonitor. The apps are visible from the ‘Applications’ section and the app is blocked in the phone by pressing ‘Off’. Blocking applications such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or game applications may improve your child’s productivity.

10. Keyword alerts set

Set some keywords you don’t believe are healthy signs for the mind of a child. If such words are used in texts, calls, browsers or other applications, you will receive a warning after you have enabled the warnings.

The device FoneMonitor has almost everything a parent wants for surveillance. This tool includes so many advanced features like keyword warnings, blocking programs, geofences, etc. Not only are these features helpful in tracking your kids, they also stop unwanted activities from taking place. You may also set a certain time for him to study and either block all applications during that time or make time limits at that time. Thus fonemonitor reviews are completed and you can decide if it is good enough for your child.

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