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If you want to know about Patriot Mobile? Or If you want Patriot Mobile Reviews? I will suggest you to continue reading. When it comes to reviews and ratings. Patriot Mobile reviews are both good and bad, the same is with its ratings as well.

To provide a Patriot Mobile Review for you and you to decide Patriot Mobile is worth buying or not. I have mentioned various details about Patriot Mobile below by which you can understand, it will work for you or not.

Patriot Mobile is a company for mobile and selling and providing postpaid network service. Patriot Mobile is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) mobile service. It has its cell phone service powered by the National Sprint 4G LTE network. It is known for providing big network coverage without paying big network prices.

Patriot Mobile Reviews

Formation and Support

Patriot Mobile was formed in 2012. With the agenda to help you and every individual “to fight the liberal agenda through your phone”. Some part of every earnings of Patriot Mobile is used to support conservative causes. Causes such as honoring veterans, helping first responders, defending the second amendment rights of gun owners and many others.

Plans and Network

Patriot Mobile uses the Sprint network. Various plans are available for Patriot Mobile users according to their requirements. Various plans available are mentioned below.

  • Unlimited calls and Unlimited text with 500 MB data for $45
  • Unlimited calls and Unlimited text with 3 GB data for $63
  • Unlimited text with 10 GB data for $81
  • Unlimited text with 22 GB data for $99
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Some only data plans are also available,

  • Data 1 GB for $10 only for SIM and Mobile Hotspot.
  • Data 2 GB for $18 only for SIM and Mobile Hotspot.
  • Data 5 GB for $35 only for SIM and Mobile Hotspot.
  • Data 10 GB for $70 only for SIM and Mobile Hotspot.
  • Data 20 GB for $110 only for SIM and Mobile Hotspot.

Patriot Mobiles are known for providing cheap cell phone plans and customized plans as well based on users’ usage. It also allows its users to bring their phone and number at the time of the switch carrier.

Devices that Support Patriot Mobile

All devices that are compatible with the Sprint network are compatible with Patriot Mobile. Phones sold unlocked directly with Samsung and Motorola are also compatible. Devices that have been used with Sprint earlier should be completely paid off and have no financial obligations before moving to Patriot Mobile. Patriot Mobile provides the service of paying up to $500 per line or $1500 per line to cover the cost of the previous carrier’s early termination fees.


Patriot Mobile provides a generous referral program. Existing subscribers when referring a new customer will receive $10/month off on their phone up to 12 months. By which subscribers can also earn referral credits to the amount of their phone bill.


Patriot Mobile location

Patriot Mobile service is available at various and well-known locations of America where mobile phones are used.

Purchase, Customer Support and Contact

Patriot Mobile staff

It is suggested to purchase Patriot Mobile SIM cards and plans from its company website only. If purchased by the MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) it may charge a $30 activation fee. Customer Support of Patriot Mobile is available 6 days a week. For weekdays 8:00 am to 8:30 pm CST, for Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CST and remains closed on Sunday. Patriot Mobile can be contacted through its official website, email address [email protected], contact number (877) 367-7524. Patriot Mobile can also be contacted to its headquarters situated in Dallas, Texas and also by social media.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Qstn.1 How to switch to Patriot Mobile service?

Order a Patriot SIM and once received you can switch to Patriot mobile service in 2-3 days.

Qstn.2 Can I keep my phone number and bring my phone when I switch to Patriot Mobile?

Yes, Patriot Mobile provides this service and you can do so.

Qstn.3 Is there any contract or credit check with Patriot Mobile?

No, there is no contract or credit check with Patriot Mobile.

Qstn.4 How does the Patriot Mobile Payment work?

Prepaid payment has no contract but when it comes to postpaid customers have to pay for 30 days while the plan starts, not afterwards. Patriot Mobile also allows the service of autopay.

Qstn.5 Can I share my Patriot Mobile plan for multiple devices?

Yes, you can but it will charge $20 per line.

Qstn.6 Does Patriot Mobile allow tethering?

Yes, Patriot Mobile allows tethering but it depends on the plan purchased.

Qstn.7 Does Patriot allow International call?

Yes, it does allow International calls. Please contact the support team for more information.

Qstn.8 Does Patriot Mobile have a refund policy?

Yes, It has a 7 days refund policy.

Qstn.9 Who should switch to Patriot Mobile?

A person who wants to save money on his/her cellphone bill should switch.

Therefore this was Patriot Mobile reviews and complete information about Patriot Mobile, which will be helpful for you to decide, the Patriot Mobile is worth buying or not.

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