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Internet is both a boon and curse at the same time. Today, we live in a world that has great possibility of communicating with unknown people on social media. Through the internet, communicating through total strangers is very natural and children often do that. But, being a parent it is essential for you to know about your child’s whereabouts. Spymyfone can provide protection against internet goons.

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As a parent, we need to understand that children cannot respond to bad people the way adults can do. Hence, we will have to take care of the matter. Until it is too late, it is your duty to discourage children from being exposed to these dirty things. We should be protected from the dangerous facets of the internet. So, how can any of these things are done? There is an unbelievable way to protect your children. SpymyFone is that app that exactly does this.

It is a convenient and powerful tool to monitor the smart phone activities of your children. You will find out with this resource what your children are doing on their cell phones . This surveillance tool has many advanced features, making it the perfect spying program.

SpyMyFone includes a web-based control panel that can directly and remotely monitor all the activities of the targeted computer. This dashboard can be accessed on your desktop or laptop from any Internet browser. It also provides an application to control all the activities, which can be enabled on your mobile phone as well. Now, get to know the reviews and features of SpyMyFone .


It has an immense gallery of different features and resources, as mentioned above. They can be used to track the behavior of your kids. For Android and iOS apps also, this control tool works effectively. You don’t have to root your Android computer to use this surveillance app. Users can track the activities of different devices at a time with SpyMyFone. Let ‘s look at some of the great features of SpyMyFone in this review.

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1. Track Messaging web applications easily.

Texting is nowadays extremely popular because of the rise in social media. There are several messengers on the market. So, literally you have no idea with whom your loved ones talk. This makes interaction with cyber criminals even easier for children.

All messages you send or receive on various social media sites are available with SpyMyFone. This application also enables parents to encrypt media files so that they do not receive or send unwanted material through the Internet to their children. You learn about the social media applications enabled by this software when you review this.

2. Tracking of messages and phone calls

It helps you to track both outgoing and input calls along with information such as calling time and length on the targeted computer. This feature would be very useful for you if you want to track the activities of your employees. It prevents the employees from exposing the future data of the organization to other sources.

SpyMyFone monitors SMS to allow you to review all text sent or received on your mobile. This helps even users to envision all communications on the managed computer. You would therefore know whether or not there is a suspicious contact.

3. It provides Remote controlling.

This app provides an incredible Android phone remote control operation. It remotely monitors different parts of the target unit. It provides parents with total access to any setting they want to see. You can set other programs here in the form of a specified time limit. The phone is locked automatically after that specified time.

You can display all the programs on the target computer with this. You can also block apps directly from the SpyMyFone control panel.

4. Tracking the position of someone is easy. You get to know the location

SpyMyFone provides built-in monitoring tools for any venue. This tool also monitors the monitoring device’s real-time GPS location. This also has another feature known as geo-fencing. Parents may indicate a predetermined map area using this feature.

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When your child departs the predefined location, you will receive instant notifications. SpyMyFone therefore lets you prevent mishaps with your kids. It is definitely the best and most valuable feature of this device.

5. Certain impressive features

It offers many other functionalities. So, in this review, let ‘s look at them.

Enable browsing history: it lets you find your children’s websites. You will then know about your child’s online activities and can stop harassment.

Read emails: This helpful feature is useful when preventing data theft in an enterprise. It also prevents sensitive misuse of data.

Access multimedia files: You can access the target computer easily with SpyMyFone starting from videos, audios to images. You can also see if something is wrong there in this way or not.

Installing  is very easy.

  • You have to install the APK file on that device to spy on an Android computer.
  • You can choose to mask the application icon afterwards. If you do not want your child to know that their computer is monitored only for safety purposes.

It provides an application and a web-based control panel. This program can be mounted on your computer to access all its functionalities. You can watch the entire destination details with its while sitting on the laptop at home. You can also see this information even when you are at work through your mobile device. Once you have installed the application, it helps you to manage all that you want to keep an eye on. It is apt and can be used from anywhere at any time.

This is the conclusion of our study of SpyMyFone. Now, you’re ready to use this powerful surveillance device to keep your children, your partner or your workers on track. However, before using this service, it is very necessary to obtain the consent of the other party.

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