Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition


This is the terms and conditions page of DigTar. When we use the expressions ‘we’ ‘us’ ‘company’ or ‘our,’ we mean the visitors should consider DigTar. Similarly, when we are referring words like ‘you’ ‘your’ or ‘they,’ we want to make sure it is either the site visitors of digtar.com or our valuable customers.

Something that everybody should know that the company has the full right to change or add any new terms or conditions at any point of time. We are not liable to inform you about any changes we are implying. However, you can expect a notification stating the changes we have implemented on our terms and conditions. At the same time, we are also urging you to check our policies frequently

Privacy Policy

Please check our Privacy Policy digtar.com page for detailed information on this.

Your Account

As one of our clients, we urge you not to share your account credentials with anyone other than your trust circle. The company is not liable for any mishandling of your information what so ever. As a company, we don’t collect data on any individual below the age of 16. The company also holds sole power to suspend or terminate your account if found violating any code of conduct.


We intend to deliver our services to you via DigTar. Therefore, you shall not mean any illegal activities using our site as well. If found guilty, we hold the right to suspend or terminate your account indefinitely.

Third Party Services

Our website may contain external links to any other third-party services. However, we are not in control of what other service provider offers. So, we are not liable for any mishandling of data or devices it may cause to you.

Prohibited Uses and Intellectual Property

Every text, graphic, code, image, etc. are all the property of the company. So all these contents are copyrighted, therefore, prohibited to use further in any other media. If we found out, the company has the sole right to file a lawsuit against you. All the contents on the website are meant to serve a specific set of purposes to you. Therefore, you don’t hold any ownership of the contents used in the website.

The Company Materials

As a blog site, we collect textual information from you for a mutual monetary agreement. By doing that, you are granting access to the company in displaying your data publicly, even translate them if necessary. We are liable to display your name with respect to the submitted information. However, the company will not pay any means of compensation concerning your contents. Furthermore, the company holds the right to remove your submitted or published contents without your permission, if necessary. That said, you are the sole owner of the materials that you have provided, and we only represent them on your behalf.

Disclaimer of Liabilities

The company is not liable in any stretch of the imagination for all the information shared on our site. You provide most of the information shared on our website. That said, we don’t intend to misinform or mislead the visitors.

In the event of any lawsuit, the company is not liable for any inaccurate information provided on the site. Any mistakes caused by the website are purely unintentional. If we found out, we will take responsibility to change them accordingly.


The company holds right against you to indemnify any loss or damage cost if found to be chargeable, which includes any losses, expenses (including attorneys’ fees). That also includes managers, directors, employees, agents, and if any third-party service.

Termination and Access Restriction

If you are found guilty of violating any terms or codes, the company can terminate or suspend your account without any prior notice.


The company will not form any joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationship what so ever with anyone. We offer service and earn revenue based on that only.

We understand and value the rights to comply with any government body. Therefore, we will not conduct any practice what so ever to violet any terms and conditions against governmental, court, police, and law enforcement.


In the event of any controversy or grievance with you, our first initiative is to sort out any issues without taking any legal measures. The company also expects the same from you. We would also like to contact us in case of any discrepancies we may have caused. We will take disciplinary measures to resolve any query or issue that you have raised at the earliest. The company also hopes you would be patient with us while resolving any grievance. We expect your cooperation as well.

Contact Information

We request you to check our terms and conditions occasionally. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us at [email protected]
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